Johnny Carson visits David Letterman 05-16-1985

  • This isn’t just the interview, it’s the entire show.
  • If you thought Dave declined in the quality of his monolog, you couldn’t be more wrong.  This is Dave three years into his ‘Late Night’ gig and it’s horrible.  He’s always been bad with the monolog, but that’s not what defined him, it was his interviews and bits, and later on, his ability to talk from the heart behind his desk.
  • Johnny jokes about how Dave must want a Sparklet’s water truck to run over him so Dave could take over ‘The Tonight Show’.  He also tells Dave how he’ll end up having his desk after another twenty years.
  • Dave asks Johnny if it’s tough being interviewed as opposed to being the one that asks the questions, and he honestly says it is.
  • Johnny calls Dave’s “mom”.
  • This is pretty cool.  Just like today, ‘The Tonight Show’ airs first and is followed by ‘Late Night’.  However, in this case, ‘Late Night’ was taped before ‘The Tonight Show’.  Just for kicks, Johnny tells the punchline to a joke on ‘Late Night’ but will later tell the first part of the joke on ‘The Tonight Show’, so you have to watch both shows to actually get the joke.  I wish I knew the whole joke.
  • Eddie Van Halen is sitting in with the band.  It’s funny how “keyboard-y” the show music sounds.
  • This show is part of a week-long L.A. visit, which made it convenient for Johnny to visit.
  • The late, great, Lee Marvin seem to be friendly but doesn’t really give an rip being there.
  • I forgot how his old viewer mail segment use to have a section crayoned which always confused me as kid.  Why use a crayon of all things?
  • Larry “Bud” Melman makes an appearance.
  • Dave does a bit at a hair-piece shop.
  • I miss the TRIO channel.
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