Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 25, 2015


  • I mentioned early last week a female church member died, perhaps I could have better described her as a fairly young (57-ish) matriarch of our church.  For reasons unbeknown to me,  her funeral or memorial service will take place next weekend, many thought it would have been towards the end of last week.  Yesterday’s normal worship serviced was something like a “pre-funeral service” as her life and how people of faith deal with death were the subject.  I’ll share two things our pastor stated.  (1.)  Don’t say anything akin to “she was needed more in Heaven than on Earth.”  That’s bad theology, just stop it. (2.) Be careful not to share war stories saying that you either understand or that you’ve been through something similar or worst.  Each case is specifically unique.
  • While watching National Lampoon’s Vacation yesterday I noticed the skeleton that Clark fell down next to had a spring at the back of the jaw.
  • It seems the area around the Shockwave roller coaster at Six Flags of Texas floods a lot, and it makes me uneasy seeing how much of that coaster is underwater when you consider how long that thing has been around.
  • It’s bigger than a football field and looks great from a bird’s eye view – Trekkie CEO Builds USS Enterprise HQ for Software Company
  • New Tool Reveals Searchable Pay Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Workers – Visa Explorer is built on data submitted to the government during applications for foreign worker visas. It’s one of the most detailed and comprehensive views into wages in corporate America currently available.
  • Watch U2 Play Super Rarity ‘In God’s Country’ With Fan On Guitar
  • GIF – An alligator attacks a truck
  • GIF – Toytanic – More realistic than I expected
  • Randy Moss attended the graduation, well, actually he handed the diploma to a girl he met in 1998 as she battled leukemia and lost her father to a car crash in 2004.  He promised he would be there for the moment and he delivered.
  • David Letterman’s first appearance after retirement was with his son at the Indianapolis 500.
  • A picture inside of the Ed Sullivan being renovated.
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ – Finally, a little bit of direwolf action and some poetic justice for Cersei.
  • Mother agrees to son’s circumcision in exchange for release from Florida jail
  • NASA astronaut records stunning view as he flies across the night sky
  • I never heard of the famous Pac-Man glitch until I read this article yesterday.
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  1. John Mackovic says:

    That building looks more like the USS Voyager. I hope for he's a better CEO than Janeway.

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