Property Tax Data This and That

Counties with Highest Tax Rates in New York, San Antonio, Chicago and Milwaukee;
Higher-end homes account for more than half of all property tax dollars nationwide

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All sorts of cross country interactive data with interactive charts here.

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  1. The Donald says:

    Here's a comparison of median property tax amounts in the area (low to high): Palo Pinto, Wise, Parker, Kaufman, Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Collin.

    One of the subjects that intrigues me is the tiny house movement. While I don't see the 200 ft² homes as viable, the notion of simplified living in the form of ~700-1400 ft² home for families, with attendant savings in building materials, land, utilities and maintenance costs.

    My strong libertarian tendencies would never favor a micro-housing mandate, but it's kind of a shame that the property tax system in Texas militates against small housing even being a choice.

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