Politico Took A Pole on the Trustworthiness of Network and Cable News

anchormanadf2Fox News has the most trusted network and cable news coverage in the United States, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Monday. But network TV is much less trustworthy than it was in the days of Walter Cronkite, American voters say.

In comparison rankings, 29 percent responded that they trust Fox News the most. CNN follows with 22 percent, CBS News and NBC News are at 10 percent, ABC News at 8 percent and MSNBC at 7 percent.

Asked whether they trust the journalistic coverage of each network, 20 percent said they do “a great deal” for Fox, and 35 percent said “somewhat.”

Comparing today’s programming with the heyday of network news, only 7 percent of those surveyed think the information presented now is more trustworthy, with 48 percent responding that it is less so and 35 percent answering that it is about the same.

Among Republican voters, 58 percent say they trust Fox News the most, with 13 percent favoring CNN, 7 percent for NBC and CBS, 5 percent for ABC and 2 percent for MSNBC.

With Democrats, CNN is the top choice with 32 percent, 15 percent for NBC, 14 percent for CBS and MSNBC, and 8 percent for ABC. Only 3 percent trust Fox News most.

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2 Responses to Politico Took A Pole on the Trustworthiness of Network and Cable News

  1. The Donald says:

    And I'm in the 1% who have never seen Anchorman.

    Maybe I was traumatized by the SNL bits with WF in speedos, so other than Elf, have not seen any of his movies. (Although he was great in the 'More Cowbell' sketch).

  2. Technique says:

    Getting accurate news would seem to be an important part of anyone's day. Based on this survey, most people don't trust any news outlets. I wonder where most people get news they can rely on?

    Democrats don't seem to trust any news organization.

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