Bag of Randomness


  • I mowed the yard for the first time this year and was quite surprised at the number of mosquitoes that were out.
  • Yesterday on The TICKET I heard George Dunham  talk about how he doesn’t like it when he walks into a place two-minutes before closing and the employees look put out.  That sounds like a man that has never worked in the retail or food and service.
  • I think Trevor Noah is an excellent choice to take over ‘The Daily Show’ after Jon Stewart. In his three brief experiences I found him to be highly insightful focusing on meatier and more serious pieces, which I think will help him in interviews. My only complaint is that all the best fake news shows are using non-Americans to poke fun at American culture and politics on American soil, though John Oliver is a U.S. citizen.  I’m just not sure how that will translate or be accepted.  According to this article, Bill Simmons seems to have some kind of inside source and stated that the job was first offered to Amy Poehler, Louis CK, and Amy Schumer, but they all turned it down.
  • I’d be surprised if a Republican doesn’t reference this story and link it to the Rio Grande this week regarding the tsunami of illegal immigrants they state are coming over –  Japan to build 250-mile-long, four storey-high wall to stop tsunamis
  • Here’s an interesting article on what it takes to book a hotel for a sitting president.  No longer is there a person that tastes food for poison, rather there’s someone that oversees the purchase of the groceries and the preparation of the food.
  • After this week, South Dakota will be the only state our current president hasn’t visited.
  • Even Christian Bookstores Have Had It With Fake Testimonials About Heaven
  • Night vision eyedrops allow vision of up to 50m in darkness
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! [YouTube, language warning]
  • I kept hearing about a Tom brady cliff diving video.  When I finally watched it, he didn’t dive, he jumped – going head first is a huge difference.
  • A man was award $2400 in court after suing Pizza Hut for “excessively hard croutons“.
  • Something for Baylor and SMU folks – The Real Estate Eight
  • That sure was one giant human on last night’s ‘Better Call Saul’.  Hamlin also had a very ugly tie knot with his knit tie.
  • Amazon is now offering home repair services.
  • What I Learned by Becoming a Bodybuilder at Age 45
  • Last night Letterman had the star of the new Netflix series ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ and the actor said he was told to talk about the benefits of binge-watching.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Grizz says:

    I also am skeptical of Trevor Noah for all the same reasons you are. I only heard his bit on the Daily Show once and I didn't find it terribly amusing. A South African newswoman noted that while Noah is big in South Africa, the pool of comedians is very small. I was wondering if some comics had turned it down. Because he can't do a rant about the hypocrisies in American politics or media and sound in any way authentic, I'm guessing they will have to change up the format of the show. Similar to Larry Wilmore's using a panel discussion [which I quickly find boring].

    "Better Call Saul" was somewhat depressing last night, I really didn't see that coming from his older brother. His outburst seemed totally out of character with everything that went before. I am really liking the show. Can't believe next week ends the season.

  2. Ben W. says:

    Re: Today's dose of 'Murica – this person is clearly not a true 'Murican. The savage was putting the Easy Cheese on the salty side of the Ritz. Everyone knows that you put the cheese on the non-salted side, so you can pop the entire cracker into your mouth so that the salty side hits your tongue. Duh.

    Re: Saul – that speech from his brother was such a gut-punch moment. Great job by both actors – you could see the scorn in Chuck's eyes and the pain in Jimmy's. And you're 100% correct about that tie know – atrocious. The collar bar didn't help, either.

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