Bag of Randomness


  • I think I can hold off the first mowing of the lawn until April.
  • I don’t have a favorite book, and I refuse to give the prosaic Sunday school answer.
  • In my home town of Mineral Wells, a kid fell down a 40-foot water well.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that happening before in my town full of wells.
  • Hay a snake!
  • @HistoryInPics use to be a fun follow on Twitter, then they started to post false pictures and information, and now they tweet links to link-baiting websites.
  • I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the story of King Richard III’s remains that were found underneath a parking lot, but the ‘CBS Evening News’ did a segment on it.  To test the DNA,  they found a relative who is now a carpenter.  That carpenter then made the coffin for the remains to go into for yesterday’s burial, or re-burial ceremony.
  • Senator Ted Cruz is not the owner of  To save you the trouble of going to the website, it’s owned by an Arizona attorney and this all it says – “SUPPORT PRESIDENT OBAMA. IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW! “.  Texas Monthly actually has a good breakdown of all the legitimate domain names Cruz should own but doesnt.
  • Ted Cruz’s New Presidential Campaign Donation Website Shares Security Certificate With
  • Meanwhile, in Arizona – An all-out melee: One dead, two shot in 17-person battle in Walmart parking lot
  • Tempting Video of the Day – In response to the story that someone found a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew and the disturbing response from Pepsi, we put the situation to the test. – The main stuff starts at the 1:47 mark – YouTube
  • Some may consider Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! Rated R, so proceed at your own risk.
  • Oh great, Twitter’s testing autoplay videos in your feed
  • Some days I’m just scraping things together to get a Bag of Randomness together, today is one of those days.
  • GIF – Now that’s a heck of a workout
  • I caught the first ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’ that aired last night.  He seems really appreciative of the opportunity to host the show, and they had a cute “Golden Ticket” skit on how he got the show with a ton of celebrity cameos.  One prominent one was Jay Leno.  That means Leno was the last guest for the last host and appeared in a major part for the new host’s first show. . . for a rival network.  His guests walk down stairs high-fiving audience members.  The guests looked uncomfortable trying to pay attention to the crowd while not tripping down the stairs.  And while he has a desk, he chose to not use it and do a chair/couch interview with both guests at the same time.  It was also quite noticeable that he has a much larger budget than his predecessor.  Hopefully I can find the skit he did with Tom Hanks as they improved goofing on all his movie roles with a green screen.
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  1. RPM says:

    The Tom Hanks film career celebration was awesome. Surprised they got him to do Forrest Gump because he really, really hates that. The band looks great. Reggie Watts, Steve Cropper and didn't recognize the rest. Looks like he is going Graham Norton style bringing all the guests out at once and having a living room style conversation. I thought it was a great show, but if you've ever watched Graham Norton you spot the similarities. Now do it again 4 nights a week 46 weeks a year.

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