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    • We checked out the massive new Nebraska Furniture Mart this weekend.  Despite having a pass for a soft opening, they weren’t checking for anything and everyone was allowed to entered without having to flash anything.  I wasn’t really interested in checking out furniture, appliances, or flooring, but their electronics department.  They had a more than adequate selection, but I was really impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of their employees, as I tried to throw them a few curveballs and they knocked each out of the park, even offering to remove things from packages and give me a demonstration.  For the most part employees are easy to spot, as they are wearing a tie and have some kind of tablet strapped around their body.  And when it comes to price, I don’t think they can be beat.
    • We took advantage of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Kids Camp yesterday morning and saw Despicable Me.  It’s a really great deal, children and adults get free admission, the full menu is available, you get assigned seating, and the rules are relaxed a bit because it’s a theater full of children.  To our surprise, they air random cartoons before the start of the movie and one of them was their favorite, Tom and Jerry.  When we arrived home I asked the kids what was their favorite part of the experience.  I was thinking it might be something on the cartoon or watching seeing on a huge screen for the first time, but it was simply popcorn followed by Tom and Jerry.
    • While waiting for a seat to eat a Babe’s, WifeGeeding struck up a conversation with a fellow East Texan, but it turned a bit sour when he asked her if she was New York City.  Interestingly, the man’s wife was in a chair BoyGeeding was sitting in a few minutes earlier, and BoyGeeding politely asked her to get out of her chair.
    • Unbestknown to me until this weekend, but WifeGeeding once flew back from Hawaii on the same plane as Jimmie Walker.  I suppose when on a flight with him, it wouldn’t be prudent to ask him to yell, “Dynamite!”
    • One of my friends, a former neighbor, is visiting Cuba and detailing his journey on his Facebook page.  If you aren’t able to access Facebook at work or for whatever reason, here’s a screen capture of one post of his random thoughts and observations.
    • Another one of my neighbors watched a Rangers spring training game in Arizona and struck up a two hour conversation with the man sitting next to him, how turned out to be the White Sox bench coach and former Texas Ranger, Mark Parent.  Parent was so open and friendly that he ended up buying my neighbor’s food and drinks and answered any and all oddball curiosity question presented to him.  He also shared a few stories of Nolan Ryan’s workout routine which surpassed any of the younger Rangers back in the day.  You may remember Mark Parent best as he was thrown out of the Rangers/Sox game before it even started, during the lineup card exchange.
    • In regards to the Super Bowl seating trial that happened last week, this part about attendance stood out.
      League officials discussed counting fans in a plaza outside of the stadium as well as workers, media and others with credentials. They also planned to count the halftime crews, who were inside the building for only a short period.Reported attendance at the1980 Rose Bowl appeared to only count paid fans and not the others. The emails didn’t mention whether this was apples-to-apples comparison with that earlier game.
      It kinda reminds me of when movies talk about breaking box office records by dollar amounts, when movie tickets in 1979 were much different than what one costs today.
    • On Saturday’s edition of ‘ABC News World News Tonight’ there was a story of private American citizens going to Iraq to help fight ISIS.  It seemed that many were rooted in the Christian faith and former military.
    • Apparently, this YouTube user put all The Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailers in chronological order.
    • In Mexico City, commuters can exchange squats for a free subway ride
    • Buzzfeed – Meet The Deaf Viral Star Who Regained Her Hearing, But Is Now Going Blind
    • This church took a picture of two fingers pinching a mustard seed, but it didn’t really come off looking that way.
    • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got caught exaggerating a story about getting access to the Reagan family Bible.  But this part of the story seemed a bit weird to me – Audience members can be heard gasping, then applauding as Walker tells the story.
    • Standards are important – Indian bride walks out of wedding when groom fails math test – The question was . . . 15 + 6.  He said it was 17.
    • The rise of luxury toilet paper
    • AeroMobil hopes to launch its flying car in 2017, and a self-flying car after that
    • Last night on Dale Hansen’s Sports Special there were several glaring mistakes.  At the end of the broadcast, Hansen apologized for each one, identified them, and corrected any mis-information.
    • If you’ve ever been interested in getting a Fitbit, that’s the featured item on today for $75.  I’m still partial to my Samsung Gear Fit.
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