Super Bowl Halftime Show Timelapse 2015

A timelapse taken at the 2015 Super Bowl during the setup, performance, and teardown of the equipment used for the show.

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2 Responses to Super Bowl Halftime Show Timelapse 2015

  1. Coast-to-Coast says:

    Thank you.

    I was wondering how all of this appeared and disappeared during the half-time intermission.

    Seems like they must have practiced this many times to meet the time constraints. There can be no hick-ups when you are going on live.

    I was also wondering if the physical sets were specifically built for this particular show for Perry or where something that the NFL or the stadium use repeatedly.

    In any case, I thought Perry put on a great show given the limited time she had to pull it all together.

  2. Nathan says:

    now THAT is today's dose of 'Murica.

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