4 Responses to Sex toy injuries surged after ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ was published

  1. Feature Back says:

    I see gender inequality in some of these graphics; I guess we still have a long way to go.

  2. DF of LL says:

    My first job out of college was with BC/BS of Minnesota. The claims clerks would make copies of "unusual" medical claims they processed during the week, and then on Friday's during their coffee breaks, those claims would be reviewed(read aloud) and the winner for the week would be chosen.

    Regular winning categories included Foreign Object Removal, usually from places that should be marked "exit only" and claims involving suturing of cuts apparently caused by another human's teeth in various locations on the body.

  3. sara says:

    I support the PACS system at a major hospital system in San Antonio. I have seen some THINGS.

    If you want to see some things, check this out: http://radiopaedia.org/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&…

    If you only want to see the things that SHOULD NOT BE: http://radiopaedia.org/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&…

  4. sara says:

    Honestly I think the jump in ER visits due to things getting lost in places, which according to the article's graph really started in 2000, is due to people having more access to the internet.

    And in 2005 (which is when I was able to get broadband at my house) it really jumped because I'll bet broadband was finally available and affordable in most households.

    I do not give any credit to 50 shades for anything. I attempted to read that book, just to see what the fuss was, and it's as if a child wrote it. (Fine, a teenager.)

    I learned more deviant things from X-Files shipper fanfic than from any "real" book. And the quality of the writing was superior to 50 shades as well.

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