Custom Love Song Using Your Lady’s Name

Gents, forget to get something for your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? YourTune has your back!

Ladies, always wish you “had a song” of your own? YourTune’s got you!

Launching just in time for V-Day, YourTune opens with a collection of 121 unique short love songs centering around the most popular female names.

Don’t see a name you want? Have an idea? Want to collaborate? Send an e-mail. This will be an ever-growing collection.

Of the 121 songs, WifeGeeding’s name is on the list, so that solves my Valentine’s Day dilemma. ┬áBut DaughterGeeding’s isn’t included, mostly because she has a unisex name.

I also included a few other songs of the name of my most loyal readers and/or spouses. (Sorry, there’s no Nancy or Jenny.)

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