Bag of Randomness


  • BoyGeeding had his three-year check-up yesterday.  When the doctor tested the reflex on his knee, BoyGeeding kicked his leg up to about nose level because that’s what he and SisterGeeding makes him do when she pretends she’s Doc McStuffins.
  • Thanks to the reader that suggested using pedal blocks for BoyGeeding’s Big Wheel.  I had no idea such a thing existed.
  • I miss the reader that use to comment as ‘Ricardo Perry’.  Just seeing that user name made me chuckle each time.
  • When the self-driving automobile becomes the norm, the morning commute will be interesting seeing how many people people are trying to catch a few more moments of sleep.
  • I know the Super Bowl was played just weeks ago, but I’d put money that Taylor Swift will be the next halftime performer.  At first I thought it would be between her and Justin Timberlake, but then I remembered he was part of one already, and that one involved him being a direct cause of a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Two days after Valentine’s Day WifeGeeding apologized for not getting me anything, I didn’t even realize that until she mentioned it.
  • Phil Hartman’s daughter attended the SNL 40 event.
  • recommended 91.7 FM somewhat recently.  I decided I’d put it in my rotation dial for a week, which means channel surfing when The TICKET is in a commercial break.  I like it enough that it’s staying on the preset.  Speaking of LL, his profile picture use to be Tom Cruise in the movie Collateral.  That was when I first found his blog and was curious as to what he really looked like.
  • This year for Lent I’m giving up Lent, but I was almost tempted to give up blogging again because the experience last year was quite an experience.
  • George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, stated that the show will feature deaths that aren’t in the books and we might not like this coming season.
  • Buzzfeed – 25 WTF Disney Moments That Will Ruin Your Childhood – I never knew there were multiple bare breasts in a Disney cartoon (Fantasia).
  • Buzzfeed – A Homeless Woman Walked Eight Miles To Court To Make Sure Her Rapist Was Prosecuted
  • Jimmy Fallon shared some SNL 40 after party stories the other night.  That man seems extremely appreciative of everything that happened in his life, is fantastic at bits, and super friendly.  All he needs to do is brush up on his interviewing skills.
  • For $199 you can get a custom stuffed version of your pet – Cuddle Clones
  • Sixtynine-year-old WWE CEO Vince McMahon is on the cover of Muscle and Fitness looking pretty ripped, though I’m sure it’s not all “natural” no matter what he claims.  Stallone is just a year younger.
  • It would be cool to experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans just once in life, even though drinking and partying is not a part of my lifestyle.
  • Next week’s episode of  ‘Modern Family will take place entirely on Claire’s MacBook Pro with with constant FaceTimes and iMessages.
  • Steve Martin is selling his 7,377-square-foot Montecito mansion for $10,999,500.  It’s nothing I’d imagine him in, it’s one part bunker one part futuristic.
  • A mini-documentary of the puppeteer inside Jabba the Hutt’s stomach.
  • Michael Jordan’s ‘last shot’ in a room made of 10 million LEDs
  • An article about the hotels that cater to the Westminster Dog Show participants.
  • Who’s The Biggest No-Show In Congress? – In the Senate it’s Marco Rubio, in the House it’s John Conyers.
  • Slow news day?  The top story on CBS11’s 10:00 PM newscast was a Wendy’s that was closed due to pest concerns.  For the type of news coverage we have in the area, to have a story like that lead the news is embarrassing.
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Ben W. says:

    That LED room is awesome – as the author said, one step closer to a real-life holodeck. What's even funnier, though, are the shots showing the roof. So many HVAC ducts…

    As for Steve Martin's house, that place is certainly not my aesthetic. Although I'm guessing it would be a great place to kill someone, as it looks like you could just hose down everything once you were done. Do you need a maid for an all-concrete structure, or can you just have your gardener come in 1-2 times a month and spray everything off?

    I started listening to 91.7 based on Barry's suggestion, too. I mostly listen to podcasts, but that now fills in when I finish a show and I'm <10 minutes from my destination. I like the mix, and I really like the relative lack of commercials. One of my biggest gripes about terrestrial radio is the never-ending commercials.

    Glad Hartman's daughter got the invite, and I hope those kids are doing well. I cannot imagine the emotional trauma from not only losing both parents, but also being in the house when the murder/suicide occurred. You may have already posted this when it was originally released, but if not, here is a really harrowing account of that night's events:

    As much as I enjoyed the SNL 40 special, it was very bittersweet to see those old clips with Hartman or Farley. I didn't have the same connection with Belushi, but it was touching to see Dan Akroyd get a bit choked up on the red carpet while talking about how he had been affected by the memories that had been brought back that week.

  2. WGII says:

    I've stayed at the Affinia several times as my sister shows dogs at Westminster. For Dog lovers it's a fun show to go to cause the dogs are benched after they show and you can go by and meet them. The hotel is out of control cause there are dogs everywhere!!!!

  3. RPM says:

    I'm really disapointed in CH11's news. I thought they had the best 10pm product. They demote Karen Borta to the redeye morning show and bring in the lady from Phoenix that wears too much makeup (but they want us to know she rocks to JackFM!). Babe Laufenberg is shown the door. They started using the "Breaking News" logo on everything from soup to nuts then started doing tabloid style reporting, like the Wendy's story. CH5 went thru this a couple years ago when they dumped Jane, Mike, Rebecca Miller and Scott Chesner. It's a definite pattern that out of towners follow to revamp a station. Kill the local "flavor" and bring in up and comers from smaller markets. Susan Tully, came from Philadelphia and led the housecleaning at CH5. Mike Garber, the new guy at 11, came from from West Palm Beach, FL. Just because they aren't from here and have no roots in the local product doesn't mean we don't .

    Now we are relegated to being just another minor league team in the farm system instead of one of the teams playing in the show.

  4. Ricardo Perry says:

    "This year for Lent I’m giving up Lent,"

    That's interesting, because this is the first year I'm actually going to do something for Lent.

    "even though drinking and partying is not a part of my lifestyle."

    That's when it's the most fun. Watching the drunks, but not being one.

  5. Bryan says:

    I started listening to KXT the month it went on the air and I love it. It's the best thing to happen to terrestrial radio in this area since The Ticket. It reminds me of what the Edge was in the early-90s. They play alternative that you can't hear anywhere else and mix in a decent dose of local music and classic rock. Nowhere else can you hear something like the Avett Brothers followed up by a Van Morrison deep track followed up by a breaking new artist from Fort Worth like Leon Bridges. And down the dial, the Edge keeps whipping out a heavy rotation of 20 year old Red Hot Chili Peppers hits. The lack of commercials is a nice bonus, but the content is what keeps me tuned in.

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