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  • The first time I saw this picture I could see that not all the letters were lit, but didn’t notice the lit letters spelled “adios”.
  • While at Klyde Warren Park on Saturday I watched a small group of people use a selfie stick and they couldn’t be happier.
  • While at the Nasher I noticed a gray-haired mustached man walking around and talking to people as if he was in charge of something.  Why did he catch my eye?  It wasn’t that he was wearing a dress shirt with a tie and appropriate dress shoes, it was because his dress shirt was tucked into blue sweat pants.  It reminded me of this Ronald Reagan picture.  Heck, it was as if he was trying to recreate this look.
  • I wasn’t a big fan of Dean Smith, though I had high appreciation and respect for the man.  Out of all things written or said about him since his death, I enjoyed this piece about him from 2013 the most – Charles Scott, the first black scholarship athlete at UNC, in his own words 
  • Dean Smith’s recruiting letter to Michael Jordan – The part that stood out to me, “give me a collect call.”  I can’t recall the last time I heard “collect call” referenced.
  • I found a major weakness of WifeGeeding this weekend as we were listening to Uptown Funk.   She can’t say “funk” without really concentrating about it and sounding it out, otherwise she just cursing.
  • Regarding my book about cadavers, I just finished the section on how they are used in automobile crash simulations and body examinations after airplane crashes.  If inspectors are trying to figure out if a plane had an explosion, they want to see how much bodies are left intact.  A lot of smaller scattered body parts likely means an explosion of some sorts.  Also, the cause of death from falling from the sky onto a body of water is often attributed to the aorta rupturing.  When a body hits the surface of water at terminal velocity (120 mph) the organs keep traveling for a fraction of a second longer until they hit the wall of the body cavity, which by that moment has started to rebound and ruptures the aorta.  It’s recommended that if you can, try to hit the water feet first instead of on your back or chest.
  • On Friday, stated he watched a reality show on Lifetime and I thought I’d leave an innocent comment playfully teasing him about watching a network geared towards women.  It’s what we do, we tease each other about silly stuff through our blogs and Twitter.  But I thought it was strange and sad for someone to reference my comment and state that me doing so was basically hypocritical and how thin-skinned I must be.  But then I got to remember some people just like to troll and are clueless they are the epitome of a bigot.  Like the modern day songstress Taylor says . . . And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.  That person use to troll me on this blog calling me thin skinned and stating I was going through life with blinders on.  When you grow up being made fun of for having an Asian background (with a country the U.S. most recently had an unpopular war with) in a small hick town and for having a father that was 24-years older than his wife, and then go to Baptist churches being the only liberal amongst them, your skin thickens pretty quickly.  But no matter how much my skin thickened, I made the effort not to grow callouses so that I can still be sensitive and appreciative of others and their background and points of view, as I wish others would have done for me.  I’m totally cool with other people voicing an opposing thought on this blog, it brings me perspective and helps me grow, but per my comment policy, just don’t be crude.  That’s one of the benefits of owning your own blog, you get to make up the rules and enforce them for the atmosphere and forum you want to establish.
  • American Sniper’ statue can’t find a home in Texas
  • I guess I won’t be teaching at Harvard anytime soon – Harvard tells professors: No more sex with undergrads
  • I don’t think Brian Williams will last the week, journalistic crosshairs are justly focused on him and he’s become such a meme there’s no way to win the respect back it takes to be the figurehead of a news division.  I stated that Matt Laurer would take his place, but there’s a chance NBC wants to make history with Lester Holt as the first permanent black anchor of the big three networks.  If I had a choice in the matter, I’d appoint Mike Snyder his successor (local joke).
  • I’ll sum up last night’s ‘Walking Dead’ with one word . . . trippy.
  • I’m not going to ruin anything for those that haven’t seen ‘Better Call Saul’ yet but I will say I like how it’s a bit dated by focusing about 14 years and that it’s different in its own special way from ‘Breaking Bad’, which is a good thing.  I also have the feeling there’s a ton of references and easter eggs that I missed.  It’s gonna be a fun ride.
  • DFW is #1, but not in a good way.  Actually, Texas dominates the list – Safest and Most at Risk Places from Natural Disasters
  • John Oliver was back on the air last night, and the guy just doesn’t hold back.
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10 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    Better Call Saul, Episode 2 tonight! Little jewels: Mike, Korean nail spa, Caddy, Juan Tabo Blvd and… "mijo". No spoiler!

  2. Nathan says:

    That Uptown Funk song is pure magic. The video is incredibly fun. You should post it here for all to enjoy.

    Regarding Brian Williams. I haven't been following the story (no time for TV these days) but it would seem to me that he could just lay low for a couple weeks, wait for the media to move on to their next BREAKING SCANDAL, then slide back into his chair. No?

  3. Ben W. says:

    Man, I could go on an old-man rant about selfie sticks. But here's an article about how museums feel about them:

    I've also been watching outrage on Twitter rising about their use in theme parks. From people using them on rides (as the article notes) to people hitting others or taking up way too much space in a crowded area, I can't imagine that they'll continue to be allowed for much longer. All it will take is one person to get hurt, and it will get shut down by those pesky lawyers.

  4. Tim says:

    Thanks again for your daily musings. How about a theory on Brian Williams based on zero facts… NBC knows they have to do something with Matt Lauer and have had the goods on Williams for a while. NBC leaked this story. This is an easy though sleazy way to oust Williams in order to slide Lauer into the chair and have a built in reason to do so without the controversy that would normally surround a move of this magnitude. Maybe even money saved by the network regarding payoff of a shamed journalist rather than NBC reassigning or firing him. Again, no facts, just something to think about.

    • Geeding says:

      That's an interesting theory, but if it was pulled off, I personally don't think it would be done at a high management or executive level but by people with some pull who either hate Williams or those that are very supportive of the person they want to replace him. Like you said, we ain't got no facts, but it's fun to think about.

  5. The Donald says:

    I dunno, can't imagine that NBC would even give more than a nanosecond's thought to replacing Williams with Lauer, especially if the point is to restore cred. I'm starting to lean in the direction of BW's [apparently] self-imposed exile innoculating him. I think he's still got some 'splainin' to do, but if he can do so in a cogent fashion, he could weather this thing. He has to 'fess up on any and all misrepresentations, but some of what I'm hearing from detractors about telling different versions is tantamount to saying "Well, Matthew didn't mention anything at all about [what Luke said]", or "I didn't hear Mark say anything about [such and such]." I'm not his defender, but with specific regard to the Chinook saga, my sense is he failed to clarify and things snowballed from there.

    If the "staring down a snub-nosed .38" and "bodies floating by" stories [as being fabrications] have substance, then he's probably going to have to look for other work. At this point, he probably should re-think skipping Dave's show, as it would be a safe haven for him to express contrition – good for his connection with the audience, though possibly impolitic in the context of how NBC/Comcast might view his choice of doing so on a rival network vehicle.

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