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  • We converted BoyGeeding’s crib into a bed last night, and it almost brought a tear to my eye.  I’ve heard it said a million times but you just don’t understand it until you live it, but kids grow up faster than you realize.  SisterGeeding was coaching him on how to sleep in a bed telling him to sleep on the far side against the wall so he wouldn’t fall off.
  • I think we might take the kids to the Nasher Sculpture Center tomorrow for Target First Saturday.
  • WFAA started their 5PM newscast with the breaking news of Radio Shack’s bankruptcy.  Their reporter stated that Radio Shack was at the top of their game ten years ago.  Heck, I’m surprised the company has survived being around for the last twenty years.
  • I finished the last season of ‘Psych’ last night.  It was only a half season and you didn’t see a lot of the regular cast, which was a bummer.  I also expected a big extended finale or two part story arc, but nada.  The ending tied up a lot of things, but not what Shawn’s dad had planned for the office.  There was a nice little hat-tip to another great USA series that cracked me up.
  • If your birthday is in mid-November, there’s a good chance you were conceived on Valentine’s Day.
  • I’ve noticed a lot of brand new SUVs on the road as of late.
  • Wild prediction – Brian Williams gets fired for his Iraq war helicopter attack story and Matt Lauer is his replacement.  The people in charge of ‘Today’ have been wanting to shake things up for a while and have been peeved at how ‘Good Morning America’ has surpassed them.  When you’re the face of your news network your credibility can’t be questioned, so I don’t see how Williams can survive unscathed. Lauer is already paid mega bucks and has been doing the morning gig for a long time, I can see a change happening.
  • I’m surprised with this Brian Williams foggy memory/exaggerated story of being attacked that no one has brought up the time on the campaign trail when Hillary Clinton said something similar about being under sniper fire in Bosnia only to be outed by no other than Sinbad.  At the time I was on the fence between Obama and Clinton, and it was this exaggeration which made me lean towards Obama.
  • I was told this lawyer is one of my doppelgangers, sans beard.
  • I wasn’t aware MLK’s mother was also assassinated.  It was after his death and it happened at the Ebenezer Baptist Church organ by a black man that thought all black ministers were a menace to black people.  His original target was her husband, but chose her instead.
  • Rick Moranis hasn’t done anything regarding acting since 2006, just doing voice work, as he basically retired since 1997 to become a full time father after his wife died of breast cancer.  But I heard on the radio that Mel Brooks is developing a sequel to Space Balls and wants Moranis to return as Dark Helmet.
  • National Geographic – Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?
  • Rep. Joe Barton (Texas) changed his bill number from 666 to 702.
  • Bad idea of the month – Four people have been arrested in a kidnapping case the suspects say was meant to teach a 6-year-old boy a lesson about stranger danger.
  • An atheist (former Mormon) man created a Spanish Bible app and makes more than $100,000 a year from sales.  He says he feels guilty but the money is too good to stop.
  • Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue has British stars remaking famous scenes from American movies.  The most notable is Keira Knightley in the Meg Ryan role at the deli in When Harry Met Sally.
  • Katy Perry’s lawyers demand takedown of 3D printable Left Shark
  • It’s stuck up on me, but ‘Better Call Saul’ debuts this Sunday.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURCIA!

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16 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Ben W. says:

    I was so disappointed to hear about the Brian Williams story. He's such a likable guy that I hope he lands on his feet. NBC has to take some kind of action, though, right? Your idea is intriguing, but I think Matt Lauer is so polarizing that they'd be taking a gamble putting him on the Nightly News desk. We'll see…

    Kudos to Rick Moranis for having real-life priorities. In other Mel Brooks news, he has a one-hour special on HBO right now. It's sitting on my DVR, waiting for the weekend. I have high hopes. That man created some timelessly funny material, some of which would never get made today. (I'm looking at you, Blazing Saddles.)

    That Vanity Fair movie was pretty artsy (as I expected). I wonder what kind of film a site like Funny or Die could have created with the same cast and the same premise? I'm betting the Keira Knightley scene would have been in that one, too.

    I think I need to get a job at Greenberg Traurig. I don't have any clients like Katy Perry.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    You think this is the only time he fudged the facts? How can he have any credibility anymore? NBC does need to dump him just like when CBS dumped Dan Rather, but I am not sure they will do it.

  3. Jason says:

    About ten years ago Radio Shack fired their CEO for about a billion lies on his resume. They've been downhill ever since.

    John Wayne forgot to add: "Because I dodged the draft, and people still think I'm a hero."

    • Work Force says:

      I feel the same thing about Wayne. He got out of the WWII draft when everyone else was going. Stateside, during the war, he made a fortune portraying soldiers who were at the front. His patriotic themes were all part of his business model. I don't begrudge him making money by "playing army" but I don't care for his the talk.

  4. wordkyle says:

    If you're worried about BoyGeeding actually falling off the bed, try cutting a pool noodle to size and putting it under the fitted sheet on the outside edge. It creates a kind of bumper to help keep squirmy sleepers safely centered.

  5. Wordkyle is Dumb says:

    Yeah, and then as he grows up, keep surrounding him with pool noodles as a bumper against other kids, and wrap one around his head so he doesn't hit it on anything. Be sure to bubble wrap all the door casings, so he never runs into one. Maybe cut small strips to tape around his toes so he never stubs them. Be sure to soak them all in hand sanitizer ahead of time, so he never gets a single germ, and maybe bring back Toughskins so he never skins his knees while playing outside. Wait! Never let him play outside. Bad things happen out there. Eventually you'll want to do all of his homework for him, and yell at his teachers for being mean to him every time they don't give him an A+. Maybe blame it on them disliking him because he's 1/4 Asian, or even 100% Baptist. Nobody likes Baptists. That way he'll grow up safe and secure, like Wordkyle's kids. As a bonus, he may even start to hate Muslims and black people (especially if they're elected President), but it's too soon to tell at his age if he'll be Klansmen so for now the best you can do is keep your hopes up. But maybe he ends up a liberal and has a black friend, or worse, gay, and has to be deprogrammed by Wordkyle's party. Keep your hopes up, though, and keep a white sheet hanging in the corner to condition him to be a good conservative.

    Or, you could let him fall off the damn bed a time or two and learn from it.

  6. Ben W. says:

    Wow. U mad bro?

  7. Ben W. says:

    Maybe it's because he didn't have a bumper and kept falling out last night.

  8. Feature Back says:

    Brian Williams: These news anchors now see themselves as celebrities and have to make themselves part of the story. The soldiers who were there have been complaining about Williams for some time. He didn't exactly come clean, blaming it on the "fog of memory" even though he began the lie not long after it happened. Credibility and objectivity should be everything to a news organization.

  9. towski says:

    By all means, go to the Nasher. Enjoy it, marvel at the incredible architecture and sculpture. Think about the fact that Ray Nasher built a 75 million dollar art museum in Dallas rather than gift his collection to New York or London or Washington, as the mega museums wanted him too. But if you get on here on Monday and post something about how "I don't get modern art, I could have made some of those things" I am going to open a Di Suvero (look it up) sized can of whoop bottom on you. 🙂

  10. DF of LL says:

    RE: Falling out of bed

    As a small child, I once feel out of bed and broke my collarbone. After that, my parents put up this guardrail contraption that had slats that fit between the mattress and box spring for support.

  11. sara says:

    My little brother and I are 8 years apart. Which means when I was a teenager, he was a pain in my ass. My mom would send me (and him) to the store and as soon as we walked in the doors he would BOLT off to the toy isle.
    My dad would get after me because something could happen to him.

    So one day I decided to teach him a lesson. He ran away to the toys, and I followed him from a distance. Then I ran up on him, scooped him up from the back and covered his mouth and ran. After I felt him start to cry I put him down and scolded him. He stopped running off after that.

    This was at HEB, and either no one saw, or no one cared. Or maybe we looked like brother and sister and they understood.

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