Bag of Randomness


  • I guess that settles it once and for all, God prefers ‘Cheers’ over ‘Frasier’.
  • Super Bowls are fun.  God bless America.
  • I pains me to say this, but congrats Pat, you earned it.
  • Without a doubt, the dumbest play call in the history of the Super Bowl, and whatever happens in the future, will be that decision to pass instead of giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch or letting Wilson do a QB sneak.
  • @ESPNStatsInfo – Marshawn Lynch had 5 previous runs from the 1 this season and had scored only one touchdown.
  • Seattle’s offensive coordinator, if you trace the bloodlines far enough back, you’ll find he’s related to the military advisor that told Napoleon to invade Russia during the winter.  He’s also related to the political advisor that told Nixon breaking into Watergate was a great idea without any consequences.  On the other side of his family, you’ll find out he’s related to the guy that came up with New Coke.
  • Boston has some great sports fans, and that city has a ton of championships when you look at all their professional teams – that city is spoiled and don’t even know it.  It’s always bugged me that at a Super Bowl victory parade they will start chanting “Yankee’s suck!”.  I “get” it’s a Boston thing, but it would tick me off as a football player winning the championship and hearing a baseball chant at my victory parade.
  • Kurt Warner lost a Super Bowl to Tom Brady and the Patriots, which was the start of Spygate, so it must have stung at least a little bit presenting the Vince Lombardi to them.
  • Does Robert Kraft have Super Ring cufflinks?
  • Remember Richard Sherman, well done is better than well said.  Which I believe is attributive to Benjamin Franklin.
  • Temping picture of the Day – Losing hurts, but not as much as breaking your arm on your first interception.
  • At kickoff, there didn’t seem to be a lot of flashbulbs going off like we’ve seen in past Super Bowls, and I attribute that to people using smartphones instead of cameras.
  • I felt there were several dad-themed commercials during the Super Bowl this year that actually were positive and didn’t portray them as irresponsible bumbling idiots.
  • The Chevy commercial that blacked out didn’t bother me, but it sure did give people something to complain about on Twitter, which GM wanted.
  • I thought the Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel commercial was clever.  I also got a kick out of the Pierce Bronson Kia commercial.  Just the thought of such a distinguished looking man like Bronson driving a Kia, James Bond, is funny.  Granted, Kia has upped their game over the years, but, you know.
  • The Snickers commercial with Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi was funny, but I can’t decide if I liked that one better than the Walter White one.
  • WifeGeeding was doing what she does best, being a supermom and a superwife.  She let me and my buddy watch the game while she bathed the kids and put them to bed.  Right before halftime she put the kids in the bathtub and came back to sneak in a little more of the game only to see the Nation Wide commercial of the kid drowning in the bathtub.  That was an odd bit of timing.


  • Katy Perry owned it.  It may not have been the best halftime performance, but it sure was entertaining.  I think only a few small parts may have been lip-synched, and I could have done without Missy Elliott, but she needed a distraction for a costume change and to get harnessed into that NBC The More You Know shining star and for the stage to get reconfigured.
  • I got a kick out of some Detroit Lions fans tweeting about Katy Perry’s entrance on a lion – “The Lions finally made it to the Super Bowl!”
  • For those of you into Katy Perry Nazi Shark humor.
  • For the ladies – One of those guys in the shark suits has a great set of abs.
  • Loved how the shark mouths were singing with the song.
  • I was so happy to hear Oakland Raider and Dallas’ own Tim Brown finally made the Hall of Fame, as well as Charles Haley.
  • A small group from our neighborhood went to Top Golf on Saturday night.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but when it comes to social engagements, I start to tense up before the event.  Thankfully, the company couldn’t have been more fun and we all had a blast.  As I right handed person, I’ve always felt more comfortable batting and golfing using my left side.  But yesterday I decided to try swinging right handed and was much better.  I don’t know if I want to get rid of my left handed clubs, but I want to experiment more with the right handed variety.
  • ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ interviewed Patricia Arquette and she stated that her father was such a fascination with Civil War, she was actually conceived on the Gettysburg battlefield.   Union side in case you were curious.
  • Our pastor, like most others, uses PowerPoint during his sermon.  I was thrown for loop when I saw “Amalgam of Easter Religions?” in reference to hope.‏  But it turned out to be a typo as he verbally said “Amalgam of Eastern Religions?”.
  • Dale Hansen isn’t a churchy kinda guy, but at the end of his sports segment last night he said he attended Friendship West Baptist Church with a friend to listen to Pastor Freddie Haynes, someone he always wanted to hear preach.  Hansen said, “I don’t care what your religion is, I don’t care if you have any religion at all.  You owe it to yourself to hear Pastor Haynes at least once….. I have never heard anything like it, and I did not leave as I arrived.”
  • Serious question, why would someone display their license plate like this?
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name Brand: The Religious Consumerism of Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen | VICE
  • While watching the Adam West Batman movie I was curious about the actress that played Catwoman.  I had no idea she was a Ms California and Miss America.
  • Someone, please, put this image on a XXL t-shirt and send it to me.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    You must be talking about Lee Meriwether. Maybe the least well known of the actresses that played Catwoman (only in the movie and never again) she was also the only one to play a completely different character in the series when she was kidnapped by King Tut.

    The best thing about the Pats winning? No more Richard Sherman commercials. He will go the way of Colin Kaepernick into what have you done for me lately land.

  2. Nathan Hart says:

    Cheaters [often] prosper.

  3. John Mackovic says:

    When they showed that stack of Microsoft Surface tablets the Seahawks use, I wondered if the Pats had figured out how to hack into them.

  4. David Bryant says:

    Regarding the license plate. I don't know, but have a guess. When dealers take cars out for a test drive, or transfer them from one dealer to another, they have to have a 'dealer tag'. When I sold cars we would just throw them in the back window…but technically we were supposed to put them on the back bumper. I suspect this allows them to easily transfer the plate from car to car by opening the trunk and somehow securing the plate by closing the lid on part of the 'holder'. This would allow them to be legal while not requiring them to use a screw driver to put it on and take it off over and over.

  5. warren says:

    License plate…yes it's a temporary one from the leasing company.

  6. Jason says:

    "I was so happy to hear Oakland Raider and Dallas’ own Tim Brown"

    Forget that guy. I was at the Notre Dame A&M Cotton Bowl (you know, from back when it was actually played in the Cotton Bowl, and saw him hit the 12th man from behind. Jerk.

    "she was actually conceived on the Gettysburg battlefield."

    I went there last fall, and this strikes me as not only really weird, but also more disrespectful than the Auschwitz selfie.

    "You owe it to yourself to hear Pastor Haynes at least once"

    I grew up as a Democrat in East and central/east Texas, going to black churches often (voter registration drives, you know). I think that's the only time Dale ever said anything I agreed with 100%. If you want to hear fire and brimstone, followed up with some serious music, go find a good AME church in a small southern town. I do agree specifically about Freindship West. His tiff with Pastor Robert Jeffress was legendary.

    "why would someone display their license plate"

    Advertising for the leasing company, I bet. It's like the billboards that say "Does advertising work? It just did!"

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