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  • Even though I never pulled the trigger on a smoker, I signed up for a smoke camp at Lockhart Smoke House in Plano.  I think it’s a really good deal for a hundred bucks.  You spend about 45-minutes learning about prep and another 45 learning about smoking, and you get take home instructions/recipes booklet, a t-shirt or hat, beer, and a meal at the end.  You can choose the evening of either Monday Jan 19 or Tuesday Jan 27.  If you’d like to attend the class I’ll be in or always wanted the opportunity to kill me but never knew when or where I’d be, I’ll be at the Monday class.
  • I had vacation time I needed to burn at work, you know, the use it or lose thing.  So I only worked on day last week and will only work one day this week, Friday.
  • I ran across an article on Reddit stating that male birth control would be available by 2017 and someone questioned if religious institutions, businesses, or followers of faith would have an issue with it.  I thought it was a good question and off hand I’d think not.  Since sperm is actually alive, I always wondered why pro-life folks weren’t more concerned about that part of the process, but I guess they are more concerned with the actual conception and what they consider the start of human life.
  • If you’d rather not read the above article on male birth control here’s the quick Notes – The company is hoping for FDA approval by 2017 and here’s the description of the procedure compared to a vasectomy – Rather than cutting the vas deferens—as would be done in a vasectomy—a Vasalgel procedure involves the injection of a polymer contraceptive directly into the vas deferens. This polymer will then block any sperm that attempt to pass through the tube. At any point, however, the polymer can be flushed out with a second injection if a man wishes to bring his sperm back up to speed.
  • The last story on the ‘CBS Evening News’ was about a butler school in China, which is a huge acceptance of capitalism and Western culture and far from the teachings of Chairman Mao.  This is what happens when you open relations and trade, give it some time, and eventually you won’t be seeing a communist government – all without a shot being fired.  It will be interesting to see what China and Cuba will look like a hundred and a hundred-and-fifty years from now.  Putin is a leftover from the old KGB, when the next generation takes over they’ll move further away from their communist past.
  • The NYPD sure seems pretty thin skinned when it comes to criticism.
  • I had a negative and then favorable experience with eBay.  I ordered WifeGeeding a pair of jeans which listed the size as a 4, but when I got them in the mail the size was actually a size 4-small.  Even though the seller stated no refunds, I contacted them for one and never got a reply.  eBay gives you the opportunity to have them step in if there isn’t a response after five or so days, which I had to resort to.  After having them step in, I got an email from them a few hours later stating that I’d be getting a full refund, postage included.
  • I’m not sure who’s worst, Rep. Michael Grimm who decided to run for re-election knowing he would certainly be found guilty for 20 counts of tax evasion (who has now decided to resign after pleading guilty) or the voters who put him there.  He was the same congressman that threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony and “break him in half” which was caught on tape.
  • Tempting Video of the Day – The longest ingrown hair you’ll ever see (well, maybe)
  • What’s up with those Aggies?  They had a player ejected and a student assistant throw cheapshots?
  • What’s up with those Sooners?  Six points?  I know they haven’t performed all that well in bowl games under Stoops but man, yesterday was uggggly.
  • Texas got killed by Arkansas.  Neither team should have been in a bowl game, both had 6-6 records, which means you can get in a bowl game without even having a winning record, which means there are too many bowl games.
  • While watching the game it made me think of former Arkansas and Cowboys first round pick running back, Felix Jones.  He’s only 27 and played his last game as a Steeler back in 2013, but had a tryout with the Giants back in October.
  • Texas Tribune – Five — and a Half — Things We Won’t Forget About Texas’ Longest-Serving Governor – I’ll give him one thing, he was extremely aggressive at trying to lure businesses away from other states and relocate them here.  And I’m not sure if there will be another governor with such swagger.
  • @darrenrovell $108,102: Bo Schembechler’s base salary in Jim Harbaugh’s senior season at Michigan (1986) – I plugged that figure into the inflation calculator which comes to $232,923.32 in today’s dollars.  Harbaugh is expected to sign a six-year contract worth at least $48 million, but there’s no mention of what he got paid as a player. 😉 My sainted mother, in her Vietnamese/Texan accent use to call him Jim Hardballs, which I’m sure he’s heard many times.
  • I’ve written about my dislike of ‘Undercover Boss’ before, so just add this to the list of reasons why I can’t stand the show – An Undercover Boss Rewarded His Waitress with a Breast Augmentation
  • Gizmodo – Who Would Win in an All-Out Battle: Star Wars or Star Trek? – I was a bit surprised at their answer, but after munching on it for a bit, it makes sense.
  • WifeGeeding and I finished the first season of ‘The Knick’ by watching the last two episodes last night.  The show is great, though they sped up a few story lines, but I was surprised to see comedian and ‘Daily Show’ correspondent John Hodgman playing a minor but serious role.  You may best remember him playing the PC guy in the Mac and PC commercials from Apple a few years ago.
  • Weird scene in Houston last night when the Wizards/Rockets game was delayed for over a half hour when the rim was off balance and a new goal had to be rolled in.
  • I thought this was a nice way to honor a recently deceased grandfather – My wife’s grandfather (81) passed away on Christmas. He wore these things everyday for over 20 years, and we found 21 pairs in his closet. Couldn’t resist…
  • I’m surprised the Dallas Stars left off Walker Texas Ranger
  • Last night the ‘Breaking Bad’ episode where Jessie talks to his addiction group about making a wooden box was on AMC.  It made me really appreciate that hallucination or flashback scene in the finale.  When I watched the finale I recalled Jessie talking about making that box, but it wasn’t until last night and rewatching that scene and hearing the level of detail and emotion that Jessie goes into that made me really appreciate how well he that scene fit into the finale.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Jason says:

    "Putin is a leftover from the old KGB, when the next generation takes over they’ll move further away from their communist past."

    I hope this is true. But they're giving more and more power to Putin, and glorifying the USSR's hey-days. Hell, Puin's even trying to take back Ukraine.

    Here in the US, we're (or at least the voting majority) getting more and more conservative as well. Even California passed anti-gay laws, the death penalty is as favored as ever, and we keep trying to put religion in our text books. We're backsliding, and it seems to be getting worse to me.

    Anyway, in 150 years it won't matter what it looks like to us.


  2. Owner and GM says:

    "… which means there are too many bowl games." I believe half of all Division I teams are selected for bowl games. I don't know how they get people to attend the games, they're total time-wasters even on TV.

    If you saw anything of the candidate the Democrats ran against Congressman Grimm, you can see how Grimm won. The Democrat nominee appeared to be mentally deficient, he could barely compose a simple sentence, even at organized events

    I'm was really disappointed that The Knick did not get nominated for more awards. I enjoyed the entire concept, in particular, the fact that some of the most grotesque medical elements in the series were factually based, including the Hodgman character. The final episode was such a whirlwind, season 2 can go in any one of 360 directions. BTW, the nurse who was supposedly from West Virginia is actually British and has a very proper English accent when being interviewed.

    " The Missing"on Starz is good series to take on if you are looking for something to watch. It's 8 episodes and they are up to episode 6 currently. It was made for British T V and they loved it, but I am worried how it will end.

  3. RPM says:

    O&GM is right about the guy that ran against Grimm. Didn't The Daily Show do a bit on him because he was so bad?

    Harbaugh turned down more money so he could spend it on assistants. Smart move and shows where his heart is. But 7Y for $35M is nothing to sneeze at.

    Talking about your Mom's accent reminds me of Olivia Munn talking about her family's Chinese/Oklahoma accent.

    Texas getting whipped by Arkansas was bad. But Texas is rebuilding. Oklahoma getting slapped around by Clemson is much, much worse. The Sooners were ranked #1 preseason. What do Bob Stoops and pot have in common? They both get smoked in a bowl.

  4. Ben W. says:

    I agree that there are too many bowl games. In addition, their scheduling is annoying, too. For example, look at the games on 12/30: a great game with a ranked team (LSU/Notre Dame) that I would have loved to see kicked off in the middle of the day, while the evening games included a matchup between two 7-5, unranked teams. Awesome.

    Why not make it mandatory that, other than on New Year's Eve and Day, ranked teams get to play in primetime? I get that a lot of people are off the week between Christmas and New Year, but a lot aren't, and by showing ranked teams during the day (and unranked, mediocre teams at night), you lose a viewing audience twice. I couldn't watch the game I would have watched, and didn't watch the game I could have.

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