Bag of Randomness


  • Our family was asked to light the advent candle at church yesterday.  Someone in the choir on nice enough to snap a picture.  In case you are wondering, BoyGeeding also got a chance to light one of the other candles.
  • DaughterGeeding woke up around 5:30 AM on Saturday and woke both me and her mother up.  After chatting a bit I decided to grab us breakfast at Chick-fil-A and it turns out I was the 100th customer, so our food was free.  After pondering how I could be the 100th customer a little after they opened at 6:00 AM, the kind employee informed me that the counter rolls over from the previous day and every 100th customer gets their meal free, at least at our location.
  • A highly underrated Christmas song – Celebrate Me Home – And it wasn’t until I looked it up for this post, that I realized Kenny Loggins was the vocalist.
  • When I first saw digital photo frames about seven years ago, I thought by now they’d be everywhere, but it turns out people really didn’t take to them.
  • Something this weekend lead me to look up of urine-indicator dye, that thing that changes swimming pool water to purple or whatever if someone pees in the pool.  It turns out it’s just one of those urban legends.
  • Here’s an example of subtle humor I never got while watching 60’s Batman, the inmate number of the woman on the left.
  • Hearing of lower gas prices is one thing, but it doesn’t really hit you until you actually fill up.
  • Doug Free needs to do something about his hair situation.  When you see him with his helmet off, it’s reminiscent of when Tim Tebow hot his hazing haircut.
  • I don’t mind comedians using the Bible for humor, but if they are going to do so, get your basic facts right.  Last week I mentioned I was looking forward to seeing Nick Offerman’s Netflix special.  In the special he stated that Jesus was quoted in the book of Leviticus, which isn’t even close.   That’s like saying Captain Picard took over the bridge on the original ‘Star Trek’ or Kobe played point for the Showtime Lakers.  Blasphemy.
  • Speaking of Kobe, I’d be more impressed with him passing Jordan on the all-time scoring chart if he actually took some time away from the game to play baseball or something else.  Kobe is great an all, but if trying to say he’s better than Jordan, he’ll need his head examined.
  • There was a moment in the last ‘Big Bang Theory’ that got me a bit choked up.  Sheldon’s girlfriend was able to get his late grandmother’s cookie recipe and baked him a batch, and after the first taste he said, “These taste like her hugs.”  I miss my late mother’s cooking.
  • ‘The Newsroom’ finally found its footing and after last night it’s no more, but that series finale sure was an eloquent sendoff.
  • Something for you Elf on the Shelf haters.
  • Something for those that enjoy a devilish Elf on the Shelf.
  • How Dick Cheney does Elf on the Shelf.
  • NCAAF Heisman Trophy win worth at least $800,000 – ESPN‏ – Something I forgot about – winners have to sign waivers that forbid them from ever selling it. 
  • Oregon State buys ad in paper congratulating rival Oregon’s Mariota on Heisman win
  • Tempting picture of the day, and no, he’s not wearing a ring in that picture, that’s a burn – My sisters friend accidentally touched the positive terminal on his car battery with his wedding band 
  • Thanks to a GooglePlay sale of $0.99 – Billboard 200 Chart Moves: Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side’ Returns to Top 20
  • I think I see a Clements University Hospital commercial at least ten times a day.
  • Whenever I heard that a piece of art was on loan to a museum, I always thought no cash was exchanged, but there was a story I recently read which indicated the museum actually pays a fee to borrow the piece.  Maybe loyal reader ‘towski’ can straighten me out.
  • The perfect gift for my belly – Whole briskets available from Pecan Lodge, Lockhart Smokehouse this Christmas
  • I have a feeling she hasn’t visited but maybe two of these places and were just fed these by her publicist – 10 Dallas restaurants and bars Gwyneth Paltrow loves
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!/TEXAS
  • WFAA’s George Riba will retire after 38 years of work in Dallas, he’s pretty good looking for 65, and one of the best sports guys in the area.
  • Yes, We Work Hard These Days, But We Work A Lot Less Than We Used To…
  • I think I smile every time a Muppet appears on a commercial.
  • Ikea replaced a movie theater’s seats with beds for an advertising campaign
  • James Bond script leaked in Sony hack
  • VIDEO: Cowboys team bus got egged in Philadelphia 


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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    First off, congrats to you and the kids on the lighting ceremony.

    I noticed your neighbor was hurt, but a very avid cheerleader. I was quite impressed.

    My niece had an interesting tweet yesterday: "Maybe Chic-fila should let Atheists work on Sunday, that way everybody wins". Atta girl!

    I worked with George Riba back in the mid-80's. I won't repeat his full evaluation of Hansen other than Dale being strictly "the talent". Yesterday was also Brad Schamm's 750th Cowboys broadcast. He's no Frank Glieber (a fellow Elkins Institute of Broadcasting graduate), but it's still quite an impressive achievement.

  2. steve says:

    Not sure if you even know this or not, but most pictures you link to come across so huge as to require scrolling all over the screen just to find the subject, which of course then appears so grainy and pixellated as to render it unviewable.

    Sorry I have no suggestions for a fix. It just seemed like you don't even know of the problem

    • Geeding says:

      What browser and device are you using? I just checked it in both Chrome and IE, the only two browsers I have installed. My guess it's probably a settings issue on your end. In both browsers, when I click on a link to a image the image comes across in a size that is very presentable where you see the entire image. When I place the cursor over the image it turns into an icon with a plus sign, and when I click on the image that's only when it's super zoomed in. The only exception should be the picture at the top of the post today, which I posted using a different method than I normally use.

  3. towski says:

    On the museum loans thing, and this isn't a satisfying answer, but "it depends." It depends on the value of the piece, if it's part of a permanent collection or on loan from a collector, etc. One thing I do know is that the recipient institution is responsible for transport to and from, and for insurance, which as you can imagine is pricey. Our registrar at the Nasher was often on trips escorting pieces, if I recall correctly she once sailed transatlantic to escort a piece.

    The insurance thing is the big part of how the Museum Tower debacle has affected the Nasher that no one gets or talks about. On any number of pieces, particularly paintings, the insurance and display agreement includes that the piece can't be exposed to direct sunlight. This makes it much more difficult on the Nasher to get pieces on loan, as there is so much question regarding the light in the galleries these days.


  4. John Makovic says:

    Former Lewisville resident Billy Sims sold his Heisman.

    • Geeding says:

      Back in 2000 or 2001 I met Sims at a gym in Valley Ranch. He was doing some sort of promotion with them and brought the trophy along and he even let me pick it up. His daughter now lives a street or two over from GeedingManor.

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