Bag of Randomness


  • That Santa has been doing the Santa gig for 15-years and 94% of his body is covered with tattoos, many of them Christmas themed.
  • I remember the first major sporting event I attended, which I proudly did with my immediate family, holding my dad’s hand as we walked up the ramp and hearing the roar of the crowd and seeing more people in one setting, which was larger than the population of my home town by more than three times.  That event was so special to me I hoped to be able to do the same with my immediate family when the kids are the right age so they can have a similar memory with their old man.  Yesterday ,WifeGeeding informed me that her father wants to purchase Cotton Bowl tickets so all his children, grandchildren, and children-in-law can watch Michigan State and Baylor play on his dime.  That’s an extremely nice gesture, but I’d prefer my children’s first big sporting event would be like I imagined it – just the immediate family, and certainly not a Baylor event.  If I say no to this gesture or don’t attend myself, I come off looking like douche, so it means that the most noble thing I can do is accept the gift and swallow any pride or expectations I have with my kids and their first sporting event.  Perhaps if Baylor wasn’t coached by Art Briles, presided by Ken Starr, and wasn’t baptist affiliated (or just two of the three), I’d feel more comfortable about the whole thing.
  • We might be horrible parents because we aren’t doing the whole Elf on the Shelf thing.
  • I was asked to expand on my broken toilet story that lead me to buy the 4Runner.  When we first moved into GeedingManor I noticed the toilet rocked a bit when sitting on it.  As a new homeowner, I decided my first project would be to fix the rocking and tightened the toilet floor bolt.  My error was tightening that bolt too tight which broke the base.
  • Barry over at mentioned that Craig Miller of The TICKET got a divorce, I had no idea.  It was in reference to a caller saying he’s harsh on Art Briles because his ex-wife went to Baylor.  It’s funny how we can all make observations about things and come to different conclusions, because I always thought he overreached defending Baylor.  But I will say one thing, being married to a Baylor woman is very unique and takes a very special man, and most of the time I don’t feel up to the task.
  • LiberallyLean also stated, “Art Briles being shown on the video board after the game getting in the face of the Big 12 commissioner was a crazy scene that has been under reported.”  I read on a few message boards (you know how reliable those can be) that event was orchestrated by the PR firm Baylor hired, but the media saw through it refused to be part of it.  I guess that’s plausible, but I can’t find much fault in trying to get your school in a place no one ever thought it would be and doing what you can for your players.
  • I remember some folks asking Michael Jordan why he didn’t take a stand on certain issues, and he said it’s because both Republicans and Democrats buy shoes.  So seeing LeBron James wearing a “I Can’t Breathe” shirt is a bit jarring.
  • Yesterday FedEx dropped off a form letter from the new CEO of Sprint thanking me for my loyalty and offering a few free incentives.  Sending things by FedEx is a nice touch but that’s a silly expense to get a message across.
  • Jalopnik – Owning A Ferrari For A Year Was A Disappointment
  • If you’re a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’, I’m sure the folks at Terminus used something like this as a reference.  I had no idea the lungs were full of iron.
  • Where to Celebrate Christmas 2014 in Dallas
  • Norman Lear was on ‘The Daily Show’ last night and for a 92-year-old, that man had one hell of a strut walking on stage and you can tell his mind is still as sharp as a tack.  Sometimes I long for a good Archie Bunker segment.  I tried to visit Lear’s website during his appearance on ‘The Daily Show’ and it crashed.
  • President Obama was on ‘The Colbert Report’ last night, and even though he was just promoting the Affordable Healthcare Act when he sat in Colbert’s seat and took over the show, it still was pretty funny and felt a lot like an SNL skit.  Obama is a great orator and I think he does a good job at trying to connect to the American public, but he just doesn’t have that natural gift like Reagan or Clinton.
  • Joaquin Phoenix was on Letterman last night and I made sure to tune in because he pulled a bit on Letterman a few years ago.  Phoenix is an odd character, but he seems to have this real and sincere appreciation with Dave, and even ended the interview with a big hug.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! – Presidential Fight Club
  • And for today, a dose of Canada, eh.
  • Found this on Reddit – Well done, Wal-Mart, well done
  • Washington Wizards player John Wall breaks down in this interview after last night’s double overtime victory talking about his six-year-old friend Mya who died of leukemia on Saturday.  Kuddos to the broadcast crew who decided to break away from the scene and give the guy some space.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Ben W. says:

    We don't do Elf on the Shelf. Never have, never will. And of all the things that I love about the holidays, that's one that makes me glad when they're over. I've literally unfollowed friends on Facebook because I got tired of the constant barrage of "hehehe – look at what our naughty little elf did this time!" followed by pictures of a doll pooping peppermints into the toilet or coloring on the walls. (I've seen both of those, done by people that I once assumed were sane.)

  2. towski says:

    Just go to the game. As my wife and I always say, make memories. Your kids will have a separate, equally, if not more, special memory of when you took them to a game. Hopefully, lots of games. And I say this even though I loathe Baylor.

  3. Warren says:

    Go to the game…enjoy the extended family and the atmosphere. For some it's all about the roar of the crowd, the actual game and for some it's about the popcorn.

    Obama on Colbert was fantastic.

    Dose of Canada….any references you didn't understand?

  4. Bryan says:

    I know you're probably not looking for validation, but you're doing the right thing with the sporting event tickets. My wife and I have often fought the battle (sometimes with each other) over making our own memories as a family together versus having my mother-in-law or my parents there. I've found that sometimes you have to compromise to avoid hurt feelings and you just have to choose ways to make memories in any way you can.

    Although I don't always agree with his policies or politics, I've always liked Obama the person. He can on occasion let his guard down and not take himself too seriously and I think that's important for anyone that has to connect with people. I felt the same away about Bush 43. I know his lovable doofus act bothered a lot of people, but I thought it gave him an every man quality that many people in that position lack.

  5. DF of LL says:

    Sneak in a Mavericks game for the fam before the Cotton bowl.

  6. Nassim says:

    Check out Adam Carrola's interview with Norman Lear.

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