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  • SisterGeeding’s birthday was on Saturday and I was able to give her a gift that was about six years in the making.  Little by little I scanned every single picture I could find, along with non-picture stuff that was sentimental or family historical, and every piece of paperwork from lawyers and embassies that dealt with her adoption (she’s actually my cousin from Vietnam).  I can across some pretty interesting stuff that dates back over a hundred of years, so I might be posting some here and there since I no longer have to keep these materials a secret as to not spoil her surprise.
  • While watching the beginning of the Cowboys game I thought it was pretty cool of the NFL to wear remembrance poppies on their uniforms in honor of Remembrance Day, but it’s also good marketing as they try to grow the sport.  But when our national anthem was sung, it seem a bit ironic since that song is referencing our war against England and here we are singing it on their land promoting our national sport.
  • It’s really fun watching TCU play this season, and in my opinion, I think Trevone Boykin’s flip touchdown will make him one of the two Heisman favorites doing down the stretch.  The funniest part of the game was listening to one of the announcers make a comment about a Ron Burgundy poster and mistake him for Ron Jeremy.
  • Another funny goof was made at the TCU game.  Local NBC reporter David Watkins saw TCU alumnus and Ebola survivor Nina Pham on the field and tweeted a pic with the caption, “Ebola survivor Nina Pham is in the house at TCU and throwing up the Go Frogs sign.”  Considering how much the media people freaked out about the virus and that it’s contagious by bodily fluids, he probably should have left out the symptomatic description of “throw up”.
  • I have a friend that coaches his son’s flag football team, who lost to a team coached by a ‘Fox and Friends’ host’s husband.
  • I watched the ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Jon Stewart interview and thought his comments on how Bush43 is spending his retirement was too harsh.  And a scene in the interview lead me to believe that ‘The Daily Show’ filmed in Austin so he could be a part of the Austin Film Festival with his new movie.
  • ‘Sunday Morning’ also had a segment on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  It mentioned this satellite photo of modern Berlin, where you can still see the divide because of the color of street lights.
  • If you watching a movie based on actual events and ever wondered how it holds up to what really happened, you should check out
  • If you are a fan of CBS New’s Steve Hartman and his heartwarming stories, you can head his recent Q&A here.
  • This Pastor Crowdfunded $4 Million To Help Sponsor 982 Adoptions
  • CNN fell victim to that whole Osama/Obama thing – CNN accidentally ‘kills’ Barack Obama
  • The Futurama/Simpsons episode was okay, but they pulled on my heartstrings when they showed Fry’s dog.  I do think the saddest moment in cartoon history involved Fry’s dog in the pilot episode, you can watch that scene here.  You just have to keep in my that Fry was sent to the future and his dog wasn’t.
  • Justin Bieber Joins the Pittsburgh Steelers for Bible Study
  • Drink a beer, run a lap, and repeat the three times – 44-Year-Old Mother of Six Shatters Beer Mile World Record – And she did just under six minutes and a half minutes.
  • I flipped over to the Broncos/Raiders game and was surprised that the seats on the top level of the stadium was covered up, as if they aren’t able to generate enough sales.  And then I ran across this article – San Antonio gaining ground in bid for Raiders – I said it before but I don’t see Jerry letting that happen, and it makes more sense for that team to return back to LA.
  • John Oliver had the most cameos in a bit I’ve ever seen in a bit last night.
  • Celebrities and teens are helping make Polaroid cameras popular again.
  • Ku Klux Klan Opens its Doors to Hispanic, Blacks, Jews and Gays
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  1. Hash Brown says:

    "…good marketing as they try to grow the sport." Throughout the game I couldn't help but wonder what novice British viewers felt about a professional sport with so many stoppages: huddles, measurements, timeouts, penalties, and booth reviews. An NFL team based there would be at an overwhelming disadvantage on road games.

    I think the Raiders are just gaming the city of Oakland for a new facility. I don't think they are serious about moving.

    Someone asked Brent Musberger about games played in London and he said, "How about sending teams to play games in LA?"

    Never thought about the connection between Jon Stewart and the Austin Film Festival for his new movie.

    Saw something in the news about the difference between East and West Berlin lighting as seen from space and they said it had to do with the type of lighting each city chose to use that put off different types of visible radiation. A comparison of economic numbers for East and West Germany since the merger were jarring.

    I was surprised to see that last night was John Oliver's last show for the year. And you're right, he did get an amazing array of people to support him on the salmon tossing skit, especially when it involved getting hit in the face with a salmon.

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