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  • DaughterGeeding was Rapunzel for Halloween and I didn’t want her to be the only Disney princess on the block, so I dressed as Snow White.  I’m the one on the left.  Halloween photos for those that are interested.
  • If you are looking to get rid of your leftover Halloween candy, how about sending it to our troops through Operation Gratitude.
  • The most original costume I saw was a boy with a suspended bucket above his that read “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” with water-like streamers flowing from it.
  • I’m surprised, though I don’t know why, at the number of Christmas commercials that aired over the weekend.
  • I didn’t expect a great game by Brandon Weeden, but I expected more between him and Dez Bryant as they use to be teammates in college.
  • SNL had its best show of the season with Chris Rock pushing boundaries, but I was surprised Prince only played one song.  I wonder how many times the musical guest only performed once.
  • We use the MacArthur Goodyear in Lewisville to service our car and I can’t recommend them enough.  While getting a new set of tires I asked if they’d check the battery because it was starting slow.  The owner called and told me the battery had a bad cell.  He remembered that I bought it at O’Reilly not too long ago and said that instead of selling me a new battery, he’ll drive up to the O’Reilly, exchange it since it’s under warranty, and just charge me half price for installation.
  • I often see vehicles wrapped in advertisements for a business, but on Saturday was the first time I saw a luxury car wrapped.  This Infiniti was promoting a real estate agent.
  • My bookshelf in my office still has my entire encyclopedia set from when I was a child.  I have no idea why I just don’t get rid of them.
  • We ate at Babe’s on Saturday night and DaughterGeeding pointed at the country gravy and asked me to “put some of that ranch dressing” on her plate.  After her first bite she said, “Daddy, that’s the best ranch dressing ever!”
  • The only time when feeling like a million bucks is a bad thing is if you are a billionaire.
  • ’60 Minutes’ had a great feature of Muslim extremist in London.  These guys will walk around a London park at night and tell people why they shouldn’t be drinking beer.  In their “Overtime” segment Clarissa Ward explains what’s like to prep for such an interview, knowing they will cut you off mid-sentence and being insulting.
  • Erin Andrews’ father is an investigative reporter in Tampa, Florida.
  • Last week I posted a video from CBS News about a college girl with inoperable brain cancer doing what she can to play college basketball.  She recently scored the very first basket of the season.
  • Tempting GIF of the Day – What appears to be like a pimple (a salivary gland infection) under the tongue, pops.
  • U2’s next tour might offer two kinds of shows, one full of rock and the other acoustic.
  • Buzzfeed – A Dad Made His Daughter Wear A “I Am 10 Years Old” Shirt After He Caught Her Out With Boys – The only issue I have with the article is that it never stated the girl’s actual age.
  • Buzzfeed – Katie Melua Just Had A Spider Removed From Her Ear That Had Been Living There For A Week – That little thing sure did look creepy.
  • Tulsa Church invited the public for “Beer and Hymns”
  • I caught the NFL Network’s ‘A Football Life’ on Ricky Williams:
    • The beginning of episode actually starts off with former Longhorn and current Philadelphia Eagle Emmanuel Acho at a piano singing ‘The Eyes of Texas, pretty darn well.  He’s later joined by a boys choir for a specialized and animated Ricky Williams version that all Longhorn fans will listen to with glee.  You can watch the making of it and hear some of  here.
    • On the surface, you think he’s a troubled and dumb individual.  But when you dig deeper, he’s actually very intellectual and now at peace with himself.
    • I had no idea how much Doak Walker meant to him, but I do like how Williams respected the history of the game.
    • He claims he never smoked pot in college, just when he got in the NFL.  Part of me thought he was lying and trying to protect UT, but after thinking about, he really wouldn’t have harmed anyone if he actually did admit it.  He now states that he doesn’t smoke marijuana today, and he credits yoga and some new age stuff for relieving the anxiety that marijuana did in the past.
    • A reporter basically told him that his obituary would read that he was someone who loved pot more than he loved football and he was someone who quit football so he could smoke weed.  He agreed with a smile and the reporter seemed surprised and asked why he would be pissed at the notion since Williams doesn’t agree with it.  I thought he had a very insightful answer, “I still have time to change it.  And usually when you get pissed about something you eliminate your ability to change it.”
    • It’s amazing what Bill Parcells got out of him at the end of his career, but I totally forgot he played for Baltimore and finished his career with over 10,000 career yards.  Oddly, it was a text from Parcells that made him rethink returning for another year which eventually lead to his retirement.  And yes, I too am surprised that Parcells is the type of person that would actually text.
    • Williams was actually a sideline photographer at the Ravens/Niners Super Bowl in New Orleans.
    • The showed a letter of reference Nick Saban wrote for William for him to get into a coaching program for former players, oddly, the his professional letter looked like it was written in Comic Sans.  Few things irritate me more than the use of Comic Sans for professional correspondence.
    • Great, now I have a feeling someone’s going to hack this website and make it display that horrid typeface.
    • Williams was a defensive coordinator for a . . . Chinese football team from Shanghai.
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