3 Responses to Funny or Die: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man

  1. Del says:

    Oh my gosh! I dated a women from Malasia who use to dress as a man when she first arrived in America, to circumvent harassment and rape. She loved to travel and believed that was the safest way. It was!

    On two occasions, while traveling, I was confronted by individuals whom I intuitively new were criminals. In both confrontations they wanted money. At the time, I did it naturally, but now I’m aware of what I did, which deterred them. This is what you do: Glance to your left, as if you are connecting with a second party, possibly a buddy that’ll knock this bastard out, or a cop who is standing nearby. They leave immediately.

  2. Del says:

    How often have you heard this? It is the journey and not the distination. Some people hold up in certain jobs for all their lives, for security. I have worked over 30 different jobs in my life. Each different job enables you to meet new people, and occasionally, a new genius. The journey to meet, be inspired, to learn all about humans, their problems, their goals, their experiences in life, that is what I do. Along the journey one gets to help all that need help. Most of us, all of us, need help, including me.

    • patricia says:

      Good thoughts in your comment. This is a great attitude.I've lived in communities that are different than my gender, religion, race,and economic backgrounds and learned the same thing. People aren't as different as society tells us. It's really wonderful to have this knowledge; insular living deprives the mind and heart.

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