Bag of Randomness


  • When the Cowboys don’t play on a Sunday it totally throws the first of my week off.
  • We’re the type that will watch our favorite shows when they air, but wait about fifteen minutes as the DVR records them so we can fast forward all the commercials.  So a “first world problem” smacked us upside the head last night when ‘The Walking Dead’ didn’t record per our season pass.  I checked our settings and priority lists and I was able to conclude it had to be a bug on their end.  All I had to do was check Twitter to see if anyone else was having the same problem, and sure enough ‘Walking Dead’ DirecTV customers were more than voicing their frustrations.
  • But man, it was worth catching the beginning of ‘The Walking Dead’, but I should have seen that coming.
  • Speaking of first world DVR problems, you’d think by now they could figure out a way to record a show that starts at a later time due to a football game running past its allotted time.
  • SNL sure is lacking energy this year, but Jim Carrey doing that Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercial bit throughout the whole show was great.
  • I always felt Jim Carrey is one of those that is happy on the outside but terribly depressed on the inside.
  • Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas is going on a campaign offensive with their ’60 Minutes’ interview and new commercials.  In that ’60 Minutes’ interview the nurses said when administrators talked to them that everyone volunteered to pitch in, from doctors to janitorial staff.  Part of me wants to believe that, but I’m skeptical that “everyone”, especially the janitorial staff, had such a gung-ho attitude.
  • ’60 Minutes’ also had a piece on Foo Fighter’s founder Dave Grohl’s HBO series on the musical history and influence certain cities have.  Grohl stated before this project he was surprise to find out how much of an influence the church has had on so many musicians.   I do like it when musicians really honor their craft by researching things such as this.
  • The church that operates DaughterGeeding’s preschool held a Trunk or Treat event last night.  That’s where people decorate their trunks and hand out candy.  One costume stood out, a black boy wearing a Dirk Nowitzki jersey with a shaggy blonde wig.
  • I was surprised to find out that Herschel Walker only had two one-thousand-yard seasons in the NFL and only made the Pro Bowl twice.  My childhood memories are tainted to believe he had much better stats in the NFL.
  • An Atlanta church defaulted in its $10 million loan.  I talked to a bank VP once and he told me he prefers not to do business with a church when they to build a bigger building.  He doesn’t like to take the risk in lending money to a church because if they default it’s hard to sell church property and a lot of times the lender looks like a bad guy.
  • Even our service academies will stoop to taking advantage of young men and women by getting caught up in the ugliness of college sports –  Report: Army used alcohol, women to recruit football players
  • I’ve caught segments of Graham Norton interviewing people, and he just has this great ability to make his guests put their guard down and laugh.  U2 was on his show recently and the interview made it feel like they were in the living room with me not as celebrities, but ordinary folk.
  • I’m surprised this incident hasn’t had more national exposure – DFW passengers subdue homophobic assailant
  • If you are easily offended, just skip this bullet point – Distasteful Halloween costume of the day (no nudity)
  • ‘The Daily Show’ will be filming from Austin this week, so it should be an interesting and entertaining week.  When Kimmel filmed in Austin he had Gov Perry on as a guest, so I wonder if he’ll make his way to Stewart’s desk.
  • I never heard of Clamato until I watched ‘Last Week Tonight’ last night.  At first I thought it was a joke along the lines of Tomacco.
  • Buzzfeed – McDonald’s Cup Sizes Around The World, How do they compare?
  • GIF – Somebody put a GoPro on a liquor bottle and passed it around at a wedding



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9 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    First and most importantly, Clamato rocks! Clamato and Bud Light is "nectar of the Gods" or a "Chelada" depending on your heritage. Makes killer Bloody Marys, too.

    My whole Sunday was out of whack with no Cowboys. On the bright side I got to watch a great race at Martinsville and see Dale, Jr win his first race there. He almost broke down to tears. Good stuff.

    The Foo Fighters 'Sonic Highways' on HBO is fan-freaking-tastic. (Friday 9pm HBO) I'm no FF or Dave Grohl fan. Couldn't name you 1 song or album. But this project is amazing. He's retracing his roots across the country. Interviewing his inspirations and writing a song for each town based on the interviews. "Wow" is an understatement. And the songs are really good, too. The Foo Fighters are also doing a surprise small venue concert in some of the towns on the album. (They played Cubby Bears in Chicago) Rumor has it there will be one in Austin.

    Presby coached those nurses long and hard. There is no way everyone stepped across the line in unison. No. Way.

    Jim Carrey absolutely killed on SNL. Easily the best episode of the season (so far).

    Graham Norton is quirky. I like BBC programs, but his show is hit or miss.

    Looking forward to Jon Stewart in Austin. Perry doesn't have the huevos and it doesn't look like he's on the list. I can't wait to see Wendy Davis (with a little Daily Show producer's coaching) make an appearance. That would almost force Abbott to make an appearance which he absolutely could not survive even with Bill O'Reilly in his corner.

  2. John Mackovic says:

    Herschel Walker had his best years while in the USFL.

  3. Uppercase Matt says:

    I never have Clamato in the US, but always get fantastic Clamato-based Bloody Marys in the Caribbean.

    I thought it was just my DVR that choked on Walking Dead, and ended up programming a second one to get the later showing.

    You'd think they'd figure out by now that college games are never played in the allotted TV time. Now that we have replay officials, the games are much longer.

    I stopped watching Sunday CBS programming since, during football season, it was always randomly delayed and I couldn't count on a good DVR recording.

  4. Jason says:

    You remember Herschel Walker being fabulous because he was always talking about himself. The best thing he ever did was get traded by the Cowboys.

    Who is that supposed to be in the halloween costume? Di? Rose from Two and A Half men? I don't know, it could be my mom and I wouldn't be offended. Although I don't get along with my mom.

    Clamato? Stay away from it. You seem like a nice person, and there are few drinks that you can legitimately judge someone by. Clamato is one of them. Don't make me change my opinion of you!

  5. warren says:

    Clamato is huge in Canada. It's mixed with Vodka, Tabasco & Worcestershire sauce to make a Bloody Caesar…it's like a Bloody Mary but spicier. Every bartender in Canada knows how to make one. Here's a story about a Vancouver competition for best Caesar in town

    • Uppercase Matt says:

      There you go — Bloody Caesar. Couldn't remember the name. All the bartenders in the Caribbean seem to suggest it in the mornings.

      • warren says:

        Ya, it's a well known hangover cure. Bloody Sundays are a common theme at brunch in Canada. Bloody Mary (vodka & tomato), Bloody Ceasar (vodka & clamato). Virgin versions for the kids or those that don't want alcohol.

  6. wordkyle says:

    Don't DirecTV DVRs have the option to begin recording x number of minutes before, or continue recording x number of minutes after a program's scheduled times?

  7. Archbishop Wolsey says:

    " Even our service academies will stoop…"

    I'm equally surprised the female cadets went along with this. With all the talk about sexual assault scandals at the academies, how is it that the female cadets allow themselves to bait for incoming freshman football players. I didn't realize that female cadets, future officers, dressed up in cheerleader outfits.

    " Speaking of first world DVR problems…" I'm still not clear how rating services count shows that are viewed from DVRs versus real-time. They and the marketing people must know that a large numbers of viewers credited with watching their programming are fast-forwarding through the commercials. When deciding how much to pay for a commercial minute, it doesn't help an advertiser if, for instance, 50% of viewers of a hit show are skipping all the ads. They must have a way to determine if the show is seen on a DVR and how many minutes the viewer spent watching the show.

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