Bag of Randomness


  • For reasons you won’t believe, I injured my foot enough to necessitate a trip to an ER facility.  Upon arriving and providing my name, I had to answer an Ebola questions about my symptoms and travel history.  After the doctor diagnosed there was no fracture but some tendon issues, I jokingly said, “Whew.  So you’re saying it’s not Ebola.”  He cracked up, and since it was rather slow, he went into detail about what was all going on.  One point he made that I don’t think anyone else has even considered was that even the family of Thomas Eric Duncan that lived with him in an apartment hasn’t even shown symptoms of the virus.  Think about that, he was symptomatic with uncontrollable bodily fluids in a cramp environment and the people around him aren’t even infective, so chill Dallas.
  • The ER I went to was one of those new facilities that’s not part of a hospital and just specializes in urgent care.  There wasn’t any wait time, they gave me a CD of my x-rays, and put all my paperwork in a nice folder.
  • When I was in my ER room I could hear the nurses at the counter talking.  A cheerleader was brought in for an injury and was taken to x-ray, but she was apprehensive about the x-ray because she wasn’t sure if she was pregnant and didn’t want to talk to her mom about.
  • It was bath time and could hear both kids saying they had to use the toilet really bad, so I quickly head to the bathroom to control the situation and the saw that the kids worked things out on their own – both were sitting on the toilet seat facing the same direction and taking care of business.  It’s nice to see that they can share.
  • I attended a birthday party for a little girl in which “Happy Birthday” wasn’t sung because the birthday girl has a fear of the song.  The party also started at 10:00 AM and as a non-drinker, I was surprised at the number of beers people were drinking.  I thought there was a general rule that “it’s too early to drink” unless you are tailgating or something.  One mother let her child suck on an empty beer bottle which seem a bit weird to me.  I know the alcohol content was nil but it made me uncomfortable.
  • At that party I was speaking to two other fathers I really didn’t know all that well and one was commenting about the children gathering candy from the broken pinata and pointed out how one boy just wasn’t quite getting the concept, somewhat playfully poking fun at him.  The other guy politely pointed out that was BoyGeeding and the guy making the comments just kind of fell silent and avoided eye contact from me for a bit.
  • For some reason A-Rod was at the Cowboys game standing in the tunnel and Tony Romo almost ran him over, seriously.
  • I loved yesterday’s Cowboys win, but it’s still just October and they have only won just one division game.  And even though it’s October, I’m glad there’s not as much pink being floated around by the players.  I’m all for breast cancer awareness, just now how Susan G. Komen distributes their funds.
  • It bugged me that Fox didn’t air enough of the final play of the game, you could just barely see the Cowboys offensive line do the Landry shift in the victory formation.
  • ‘The Romo Spin’ that he uses to evade sacks works because he spins away from the line of scrimmage.  Most quarterbacks instinctively run towards the line of scrimmage and defensive linemen instinctively jump that way when chasing them, and Romo is able to use that to his advantage.
  • The reason for the Cowboys’ success this season has to be because they no longer play “Sweet Home Alabama” at home games.  For seasons they’d play that and it would always bug me because there’s no connection to Alabama.
  • TCU would be a top four ranked team if they would have won that nail-biter a few weeks ago along with this weekend’s blowout.  Speaking of TCU, I had no idea that they called many places homes – Fort Worth, Thorp Spring (near the frontier of Comanche and Kiowa territory), Waco, and then back to Fort Worth.
  • Something that has always bugged me about college football – rankings.  A few weeks ago TCU had a number nine ranking and they lose to a number five team.  A better ranked team should beat a lesser ranked team.  So even though that happens, despite a tight game, TCU still moved down in the rankings which doesn’t make sense, they should have stayed in the same spot or even moved to a better spot since they played a higher ranked team so well.
  • Something that has recently bugged me about college football – games last too freaking long.  There’s no reasons why it should take over four hours for a game to be played.  The evolution of the passing game and the implementation of the spread in the majority of programs is a major part of it, but I just feel exhausted watching one game.
  • Redbook thinks Cindy Crawford’s 13-year-old daughter looks a lot like her mom in her modeling days.
  • Scientifically, What Is the Worst Way to Die? – I read somewhere that the last sense to go is hearing, which is creepy, as you just lie helplessly without any feeling or vision as you fade away.
  • I feel like if Trickle Down Economics worked, there wouldn’t be a need, or a want, to raise the minimum wage because earnings would have trickled down.
  • We got a letter in the mail stating the electricity in the neighborhood would be turned off from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM tomorrow for some kind of upgrade work.  Since I work from home, this puts a kink in my workday so I think I’ll just take the day off and do something with WifeGeeding and BoyGeeding when GirlGeeding is in preschool.  I just don’t know what to do.  And because I know there’s a long power outage set for a specific time, thoughts of some kind of wild Oceans Eleven scheme are going through my head.  I’m also trying to figure out if the food in the fridge and freezer will spoil.
  • That Dallas Cowboy that got busted for stealing underwear and cologne is now going to endorse an underwear company.
  • When alphabetizing things, I usually have to recite the alphabet instead of just being able to place them in the correct order.
  • Buzzfeed – A Photo Of A Woman In A Homemade Hazmat Suit At The Airport Has Gone Viral
  • How Landlocked Dallas Once Tried to Become a Port City
  • How The Most Successful People Poop At Work
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    You should have no worries about food going bad. Just keep the refrigerator door closed. It will hold temp for 4 hours easy. Since you will be gone this shouldn't be a problem. Now if you are home opening and closing the door like normal, you will have issues.

    The answer to your ranking question is TCU isn't in the SEC.

    I remember Dad always giving me a sip of his beer if I fetched him a cold one. But then we were rednecks and Dad was alcoholic.

  2. Uppercase Matt says:

    Man, watch out for that "ER" bill — I've had a couple friends tell me they were shocked since they expected a bill comparable to an urgent care place, but got some huge bill in the mail instead. When they contacted the provider, they were told that an ER is a higher level of service and charges accordingly.

    Those nurses shouldn't have been talking in front of you, and you shouldn't be repeating it. Whatever that kid's issues are, it will only be worse if someone reads this and knows who was also in the ER that day.

    • Geeding says:

      I am concerned about that ER bill.

      I may have done a poor job of describing what happened in the ER, but the nurses were not discussing what happened in front of me. My door was slightly ajar and I could hear them quietly talking to each other near the nurse's station.

      • Uppercase Matt says:

        I'm frankly more concerned that you're airing some poor kid's issues on a very local blog — there are only 3-4 emergency rooms in your area, and the kid's in a highly visible position with a highly-visible injury. I am sure you've already got people passing the word and asking around.

        • Geeding says:

          You have more faith in the amount of local people that read this blog than I do. It would be different if I consistently blogged about Wise County happenings and had a concentrated local readership, but most of my readers come from outside DFW. Heck, hardly anyone from my church or my neighborhood even know I blog. I left out the facility name and location (because of where my accident happened, I may or may not have gone to a local urgent care facility), the day and time I went, the type of injury, if she was local or out of town cheerleader or if she's in high school, college, or a professional. I understand the point you are trying to make and you thinking I'm insensitive, but it's not like I snapped a picture of her and posted it somewhere. I felt I was pretty vague in any details, but your comments have left an impression and may influence future postings.

  3. THE Ohio State says:

    ESPN's Mike Golic was talking about the "Romo Spin" this morning and he said as a former NFL defensive lineman they were taught how close in on the quarterback by aiming at his far shoulder and placing their weight on their outside hip to anticipate the QB spinning away . One of these games, a defensive lineman is going to do it right and Romo is going to spin around and come face-to-face with him.

    "alphabetizing things, I usually have to recite the alphabet instead of just being able to place them in the correct order." Better hope you are never stopped for DUI and asked to recite the alphabet backwards.

  4. Mike says:

    i was thinking the same thing when i saw it also….the way the offensive linemen stood up and then back into their stance, like back in the laundry days… was great to see, wish more mood have been made of it.
    Once again great blog…keep up the great work

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