Bag of Randomness


  • Cupcakes never live up to the hype.
  • Bill Murray was on Letterman last night and at one point just started to run outside.  There was this couple who weren’t paying attention to their surroundings and Murray took the guy’s bottled water and took off.  He then went back to the couple and the man had a WTF face going on and then he swiped the girl’s pretzel to her astonishment.  Sometimes those things are scripted, but this look totally improvised.
  • I’m not sure what surprises me more, how Texas Healthcare Presbyterian Dallas has bungled handling things or the fact they were a finalist for a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  I once wrote a research paper for that award in grad school, and it’s pretty high praise just to be nominated.  But seriously, I had more faith in ‘Western’ medicine than what’s been displayed.
  • Of all the stuff I saw on the Internet yesterday, I most enjoyed this article that utilized 29 eye-tracking heatmaps on advertisements, webpages, grocery stores, models, and other things.  Men tend to focus more on a woman’s face than one would think, but they also tend to focus on other men’s packages more that one would think.
  • These pictures of the only airline in North Korea are quite interesting.  It kind of reminds of pictures of Cuba and seeing old cars that have been well kept or restored.
  • Local Food Network NewsOn Oct. 18, the network will be holding an open call for home cooks with no prior culinary education to compete in the channel’s newest culinary competition featuring some celebrity chefs from the franchise.
  • An interesting article on how certain Democrats and Republicans are actually trying to court Muslim voters.
  • We haven’t even reached the midterm election yet but all news reports seem to think it’s going to be a Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton race in 2016.  Normally I think it’s nuts to think that far out because so much can happen, but I really don’t see it any other way.
  • Lubbock County Judge Tom Head on why he accepted his pay increase, “If I refuse it, it goes to the secular government, then God’s kingdom is not going to be advanced.”
  • A ‘Breaking Bad’ political ad voiced by Agent Steve Gomez.
  • Popular Halloween costumes so far deal with Ebola, Joan Rivers, and Mork and Mindy.
  • Dave Grohl is just a really cool dude.
  • Local talent Erykah Badu decided to sing in Times Square to see how much money she could make if she didn’t flaunt her fame, she came away with $.3.60.
  • Release dates set for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Justice League movies
  • Maybe it’s because I had a military officer for a father, but being on time for anything meant being there 15-minutes early.  But in today’s world and everywhere I’ve worked or volunteered, meetings don’t start until about five after.
  • HBO will fulfill cord cutters’ dreams and launch a standalone streaming service next year
  • GIF – Bugs Bunny is fearful of the Ebola in Texas
  • GIF – A pedestrian saves a bike rider from traffic
  • I caught the Eric Dickerson ‘A Football Life’ on the NFL Network the other day, actually I missed the first ten minutes, but here area few things that stood out or I totally forgot about:
    • He did a Playgirl photoshoot.
    • He played for the Raiders.
    • When he broke Jim Brown’s rushing recording as a Colt, the Indianapolis booed him.
    • He broke the single season rushing record the same season Walter Payton broke the all-time rushing record.  Payton was presented a Lamborghini from his shoe sponsor Roos, and Dickerson was peeved when his sponsor, Adidas, gave him a large carrot cake.  But here’s the kicker, he’s allergic to carrots so he couldn’t even eat it.
    • He’s inducted into the Colts and Rams Hall of Fame despite having bad relationship with both clubs.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    Presbyterian has screwed this up just about as bad as they possibly could. I'm shocked at their failure, but not shocked at the same time. We have become a selfish society. That nurse can try to blame the CDC, but this possible pandemic rides squarely on her shoulders. She knew she shouldn't travel, but she wanted to and put her wants above the greater good/rights/lives of others.

    Please tell me Kevin Dillon has a bit part in Aquaman. Johnny Drama lives!

    Why isn't Tom Head manning his roadblock at the County line to stop Obama and the United Nations from taking over Lubbock County? He swore that was going to happen and why he and his "trained seasoned team" needed pay raises.

    Personally, I think he just likes money and power.

  2. art vandalay says:

    North Korea has a history of arresting visitors as spies and sentencing them to hard labor. No matter how many assurances I had, I would not take a camera, let alone snap pictures, while in North Korea.

    That Dr. Tom Frieden from the CDC looks surprisingly rested whenever he speaks on a news show. If I had the President looking over my shoulder and the entire country breathing down my neck for the last few weeks I don't know how I would ever get any sleep.

    I was listening to an American doctor who spent considerably time in West Africa treating the last Ebola epidemic. He pointed out that they use to wash their gloves in bleach and spray their gowns with disinfectant before removing them. He also said they re-used all of their protective gear, including their gloves and gowns, because they couldn't afford to destroy them. They never had a problem with their staff getting infected. Maybe the third-world country medical establishment should come to Presbyterian to give them training on "protocols"?

  3. towski says:

    Prior to the 2006 midterm elections, the leading contenders for the 2008 presidential election were Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.

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