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  • When the quarantined family related to the Ebola patient moves out of their apartment, I but that’s going to be a tough one to lease out.  What an unfortunate event for the apartment owners, I bet “Ebola” was no where on their list of things that could go wrong.
  • The BaDD Radio boys were talking about running a mile and timing it since Donovan recently ran his best at seven minutes and fifty seconds,roughly.  I’m tempted to do the same just to see if I can make it under ten minutes.  I’ve never been a fan of cardio, I’d much rather lift weights.
  • At National Night Out last night a lot of my neighbors thought I was the man that called into The TICKET a while back defending Dallas Cowboy Doug Free.  Nope, that wasn’t me, but I was the guy that emailed BaDD Radio submitting a Gay-Not-Gay about a certain NFL starting lineman for our local team that mows the lawn shirtless.  The only time I called and made it on the air was when I asked Craig Miller to top rank and bottom rank the Jacksons, such as Keith, Reggie, Samuel, Bo, Andrew, Michael, etc.
  • Robert Downey Jr did a Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday and mentioned developing a Perry Mason movie series.  Man, I have memories of that black and white show airing late on KXAS on Sunday nights.  Downey was actually an SNL cast member for one season.
  • I wonder how many readers of this blog have no idea what/who Perry Mason is because of their youth.
  • Speaking of the Reddit Ask Me Anything, a while back I came across one with the founder of a cookie business who provided a Reddit discount.  The discount was still available and I ordered a batch.  When I opened up the package there wa a slip of paper stated “STOP! READ THIS FIRST!  These cookies are packaged in  special oxygen-barrier foil bags; like a fine wine, they benefit from ‘decanting’.  Upon first opening the foil bag, please allow the cookies aerate for 10 minutes. This encourages the development of the complex flavors that will delight your palate. (No kidding)”.  Verdict, pretty good, but not great.  They are akin to Famous Amos, which WifeGeeding thinks is better.
  • One thing that stood out about the cookie entrepreneur’s Ask Me Anything what his description of buying a used 90-foot oven: 40 years old, purchase cost $45k, disassembly: $14k, moving from TX: $9k, reassembly: $26k, (4 weeks time)
  • Yesterday was Schlotzsky’s birthday and in honor of the occasion we took advantage of their free Original Sandwich deal.  An unexpected bonus was free birthday cake.
  • Pictures of a gnat under an electron microscope
  • Buzzfeed – Leading Tea Party Group Part Of Fake Founding Father Quotes Epidemic
  • I hear Lost Maples Natural State Area is one of the few places in Texas where one can enjoy the leaves changing colors.  For you non-Texas folks, yes, the leaves change colors here, but not very dramatically like the stuff you see in Arkansas or the East Coast.
  • Stephen Hawking ‘contributes vocals to new Pink Floyd song ‘Talkin’ Hawkin”
  • Jon Stewart was out sick so Jason Jones filled in for him last night, and I thought he did a fabulous job.
  • If you thought the Mississippi was the longest river in the U.S., you’d be wrong.
  • CBS News reporter Clarissa Ward interviewed a man from Holland who moved to Syria to fight for jihad.  At one point in the interview she asks him if he misses home or anything from the West.  He immediately replies by shaking his head no, and then states “food, electricity, warm water, good food”. It was interesting to see him start off defiant in his answer and then see a look on his face in which you can tell he longs for home.
  • The best part of the Rob Lowe DirecTV commercials is when the St Elmo’s Fire music plays at the end.  I never got around to watching that movie.  WifeGeeding has a thing for Lowe.
  • Mercedes-Benz believes it’s built a self-driving semi-truck that could eventually help cut down on highway tragedies that kill thousands of drivers each year.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I would have guessed Mercedes as the frontrunner in autonomous heavy transportation. I thought Jason and Sam did a great job. You could tell he was proud of his new citizenship. Sadly, there are people that have a fraction of his US History knowledge and will claim to be 'more American' than him. Ugly Americans, indeed.

    Loves me some Schlotzsky's. Unfortunately there isn't one near here anymore. Franchise possibilities, anyone?

    I doubt they will mention anything about ebola unless the prospective tenants specifically ask. Don't think disclosure covers rental, just purchase.

    I'm a Perry Mason addict. I loved the original TV series, Paul Drake was the coolest Private Eye in the biz. If you like Raymond Burr's 1950's TV portrayal, check out the 1930's film version played by William Warren. The original Perry was quite the trickster and low on the ethics scale.

    If I remember correctly your "Rank the Jacksons" made it to the Ticket Top Ten. Well played!

  2. John Mackovic says:

    The Missouri is a tributary of the Mississippi, so I'm not sure you'd be 100% wrong calling either the longest.

    I'm 40 years old and I remember Perry Mason as the guy from the original Godzilla movie.

  3. towski says:

    My biggest ticket brush with fame happened yesterday, when BaDD radio was discussing the atmosphere at AT&T Stadium, and I tweeted something to Sturm that he retweeted.

  4. Maestro says:

    I was talking to a DPD police officer about the Ebola patient apartment building a few days ago. He said the complex is basically a third-world country. There are seven different languages spoken there. Probably some family will emigrate here, move in, and live there for a month before they find out. Clay Jenkins went in and out of the place,while the relatives were still living there, wearing his everyday street clothes. He then went to a county board meeting wearing the same clothes.

    The two things that struck me about the Clarissa Ward interview with the "Dutch" jihadist were: he spoke English without an accent; and after he told her her how he visualized life in Syria if his side were to win, she asked him what if no one else wants that kind of a country. He seemed to be at a loss for an answer.

    I'd like to know what kind of protection forces travel with Clarissa Ward and Holly Hunter to ensure their safety from capture.

    I wonder at what point in the day was Jason Jones told he was going to have to fill in for Stewart. He did a really good job. Do you think he and Samantha Bee were rankled they didn't get the Colbert job?

    Speaking of citizenship, I believe I heard John Oliver say his wife was a member of the U.S. military.

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