Bag of Randomness


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  1. Maestro says:

    Drive-Thru News: We can put a man on the moon, but we can't…

    Median Household Income: I'm surprised the fact that the middle class hasn't had a real pay raise in decades is not more of a campaign issue. The lack of middle class disposable income is killing retail spending during the recovery. The PBS News Hour did a segment on this about a year ago. It was troubling to learn there is greater income equality in most European countries than here in the U.S.. And we are the ones who lectured them for decades and set ourselves out as the model for the benefits of free enterprise.

  2. warren says:

    World Poutine eating championship…ya, we're all devastated up here. There's a Federal Commission that's been put together by the Conservative government to understand what happened. Why didn't our national champion Jacques Strap compete is the big question. Enjoy your title for one year….we'll be back.

    By the way the amount they ate is unbelievable. One box is enough for a meal…the winner ate 29 boxes or something….I mean I love the stuff but that's just….

  3. warren says:

    Tom Dreesen & David Letterman were buddies from a long time ago. There's a book called "I'm Dying Up Here" by William Knoedelseder about the 1970's comedy scene and the strike by comedians in Los Angeles as they weren't getting paid by the club owners. Dreesen had experience as a union organizer and so he organized the comedians. Letterman was a good friend of Tom Dreesen and was one of the biggest names at the time and on the brink of stardom. He supported the strike and helped out Tom as best as he could.

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