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  • Yesterday’s local news: storm, storm, ebola, storm, storm
  • A CBS11 reporter actually reported back that Big Tex was still standing after the storm, as if we were all worried about him.  Yes, I understand him burning down was our 9/11, but unless he gets ebola there’s no news there.
  • When the Mavs were losing to the Heat in their first NBA Finals appearance I remember telling a coworker how much I couldn’t stand Dwyane Wade.  He asked why I told him it’s because he gets all the calls, and then he tells me I shouldn’t be mad at Wade, but at the refs.  He may not know it, but that moment replays a lot in my head and now makes me focus where my anger or frustration should be directed.
  • In the seventh grade I had a devout Christian teacher explain what GD meant.  I’m not sure how we got on the topic, but she stated that one is not damning God, but telling God to put something to damnation.  So if you say GD to a person, you are telling God to send that person to Hell, or if you stub your toe, you are telling God to send that pain or moment to Hell.  From that moment I’ve been fascinated with etymology.
  • I’m not saying this is the case for everyone that gets offended by GD, but I tend to think a lot of those folks who make a fuss about it are looking for an opportunity to stand up for Christ and showcase they are a Christian.  It’s my understanding that God is pretty powerful and can defend himself, perhaps a better weapon would be grace, which doesn’t mean you have to like the term.
  • Dolly Parton has a free service called the Imagination Library – Each month, from the day the child is born until his/her fifth birthday, a carefully selected book arrives at the mailbox.
  • According to this article, Fuzzy’s Tacos is testing a pancake taco made with a flour tortilla dipped in pancake batter and filled with egg and bacon or chorizo.
  • I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but the kids are really into Tom & Jerry.  Last night one of my favorites came on, the one where Tom is an opera singer singing Figaro.  The other one I really like is when the house floods and they rig the freezer to turn the flooded house into an ice skating rink.
  • I don’t clear out my cache and cookies as often as I should.
  • Washington Post – The U.S. government has decided to save some of its old nuclear weapons that were scheduled for disassembly next year to determine whether they could be good for blasting earthbound asteroids.
  • We gave the new NBC romantic sitcom ‘A to Z’ a shot and we think it’ll be pretty solid.
  • Jerry Seinfeld gave an anti-advertising rant at an advertising awards event.
  • What It’s like to Fly the $23,000 Singapore Airlines Suites Class
  • And it was yet another Thursday night blowout – @darrenrovellCBS is paying $39.2M per Thursday Night Football game this season. They pay $11.5M per NCAA Tournament game (split w/Turner)
  • GIF – How paper clips are made
  • U2’s Thickening Ecclesiology
  • Buzzfeed – The place that inspired Disneyland
  • – On September 8th, I purchased a Pasta Pass, and immediately realized my life’s goal. For the 49 days of Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl™, I will consume nothing but food obtained through that fine establishment.
  • ‘Better Call Saul’ music video to air Sunday during final night of ‘Breaking Bad’ binge
  • There really shouldn’t be any debate on this, but the coolest aircraft of all time has to be the SR-71 Blackbird.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Ben W. says:

    The Blackbird is such an amazing aircraft. Funny you mention it, because I just read this story a couple of days ago. Funny stuff:

  2. Jason says:

    Re: GD: Yes, that is technically correct. But one runs afoul of the commandment any time you use God's name in vain–essentially, for one's one benefit. So, GD isn't necessarily blasphemous because it's a modern-day cussword (the phrase most likely didn't even exist as a colloquialism back when the 10 Commandments came down), it's because you're telling God what to do, or trying to direct his wrath for your benefit. We had this discussion in OId Testament at Baylor. Man, it got a lot of the more… fundamental… students mad. But seeing an 80 year-old professor we called "Lester the Tester" and who looked like a Baptist preacher from the 50's say GD, well, it was priceless.

    To me (Warning: hot religious opinion coming) a much worse example is when people use their faith in an attempt to get business. Ever see the fish on a plumber's van? That's not there so you know you're hiring a nice honest plumber. That's a plumber trying to profit based on his faith by using faith, and God, as a means to make money. Lots of tradesmen do it, and that (G?)damn fish is on half the plumber, electrician, or landscape vans in my part of town, as well as half the yellow age ads. I use it to exclude people, not hire them. The most egregious and crazy example of this can be found here:

    It is an embarrassment to the faith, and to lawyers (if you can believe that).

    Re: the Blackbird: Man, I don't know. I have a lot of reasons to argue with you there. I get how fantastic the plane is, but it's basically a rocket with no guns and that flies out of the reach of any threat to it. Spitfires may have saved the UK from Germany. Mustangs enabled daylight bombing that ended WWII much faster than it otherwise would have (even if they did have to have a British engine to do it). B-17's were the workhorses of WWII, in which ten guys went up in open planes to get shot at in the middle of the day by flak and fighters, suffering enormous casualties (even after the P-51D came out). The Me-262 might should even be on the list, and would have been a game changer had Hitler not turned it into a bomber. The F-15 has an unprecedented win/loss ratio, a thrust to weight ration that means it could theoretically take off straight up like a rocket from the ground, and has variants that do everything from pure fighter, to ground attack, to electronic warfare (it's basically a super charged F-4), and the F-14 was the ultimate long-distance anti-aircraft missile platform that was a huge deterrent and widely copied by every bad guy on the planet that had the means to do so. It's a shame that the only country in the world that still flies F-14's is Iran. And have you ever seen an A-10 Lightning II/Warthog go to town on a tank in close support of ground troops? It's just a shell built around a gatling gun as big as a car, and it can fly home with one engine and half its wings shot off. And we don't even know what the Aurora can do, much less whatever they have in the pipeline. If the 60's produced the Blackbird, and the 70's produced things like the F-14 and the Space Shuttle, and now stealth is the baseline for fighters, imagine what we don't even know is out there.

  3. RPM says:

    If you want to read something fascinating, check out how they moved Blackbirds from Burbank to Area 51. Hint: they didn't fly them there.

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