Bag of Randomness


  • I remember our elementary school principal walking around the lunchroom with a paddle as a form of intimidation to keep the noise level down.  He later became president of Weatherford College and I can’t think of one person that ever had anything negative to say of the man.  Times have changed.
  • In junior high our coaches use to use a paddle that had holes drilled in it so that it could move more swiftly through the air.
  • ‘Psych’ is the latest show I’ve been streaming on Netflix, it’s one of those cheesy hour mystery drama’s that starts to grow on you where you just have to overlook some stuff and accept others just to enjoy it.  Surprisingly, I’ve really grown attached to the father that Corbin Bernsen’s portrays and I really dig the show’s theme song.  I was surprised to see one episode was directed by Joanna Kerns from ‘Growing Pains’.
  • All Medal of Honor stories are remarkable, but learning a tiger was part on one story yesterday while watching the evening news really stood out.
  • Marriott and Maria Shriver want you to tip the person that cleans your hotel room.
  • U2 Back Catalog Sees Massive Sales Bump After ‘Songs of Innocence’​ Launch
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA has a Jewish twist.
  • The FBI just finished building its facial recognition system
  • Officials beg pastor, strip club owner to end weekly protests of each other’s establishments
  • Ken Burns has some crazy hair, I wonder if it’s a piece.
  • I don’t think cousins Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt ever took a picture together, even in a large group or family setting, even at TR’s niece’s wedding to his cousin.  The Ken Burns documentary may have shown one big wedding party picture last night, but I couldn’t identify TR.  UPDATE: It turns out all three were in a picture together when TR arrived back from an African and European trip and a large group welcomed the former president back home.
  • Congressional Travel Is Skyrocketing
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Name was too long says:

    I gotta tell you, I'm a Psych fan. Juliet? I can watch her all day long. And Gus's timing is perfect. I like his character much more than Sean. Throughout the series there were a ton of pop culture references and guest appearances. It's mindless pleasure. Except for watching Juliet

  2. Ben W. says:

    I watched the first few seasons of Psych and enjoyed it a lot. But after a while it got repetitive (to me) and I got bored with the characters because of their lack of growth/change over time. But since it's on Netflix I may try to finish out the series.

    Also – the actors who play Shawn and Juliet have been a couple in real life since 2006.

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