Bag of Randomness


  • This is probably the most viewed version of the John Travolta and Princess Diana’s dance at a White House state dinner.  But I recently discovered the above version which includes President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher dancing hand-in-hand in the background.  From this vantage point, it looks like Nancy and Thatcher are almost wearing the same dress.
  • I caught the NFL Network’s ‘America’s Game’ for the Seattle Seahawks and came away extremely impressed with Russell Wilson’s desire for excellence and what he does to get there.  For instance right after they won the NFC Championship Game, Terry Bradshaw was on stage to do the trophy presentation.  The very first thing Wilson did when he saw Bradshaw was not a greeting but asking him what does he have to do, what mental approach does he need to take to win the Super Bowl.  While everyone else was celebrating he was already focused on the next and most important game.
  • That special also featured Richard Sherman.  Both Wilson and Sherman exude confidence, but both do it in very different ways.  I was also surprised that Sherman’s dad continues to work as a garbage man in Los Angeles.
  • The worst part of the Seahawks’ ‘America’s Game’ was that it was narrated by Jim Caviezel.  Yeah, Jesus narrated it, but he doesn’t have a good narrator voice and he spoke in the “anyone, anyone” voice tone and cadence.
  • A lot of Cowboys fans were surprised at the amount of red in the stands at yesterday’s game.  Hey, if the product on the field stinks, home fans aren’t going to attend and those tickets are being picked up by opposing fans that want to see the new stadium.
  • There’s just too much to rant about regarding the Cowboys game.  But a friend brought up the idea how crazy it would have been if Jerry did draft Manziel while at the same time signing Michael Sam along with the Jerry drunk women photos and that ESPN article about him.
  • While I was at my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday party I talked to my brothers-in-law who are huge Baylor fans, one is a long time season ticket holder and in some kind of sports area leadership position for the university.  I was surprised both weren’t all that impressed with the new stadium.  They both like it and all, but just expected them to be wowed by it.  I didn’t have the heart to bring up the fake bricks.
  • I was trying to help set up and tear down for the party, and when you are in East Texas “picture” and “pitcher” sound alike and I was confused in trying to help retrieve certain items.  It takes about a full 24-hours after a trip home for WifeGeeding to lose her East Texas swang.
  • On my way home I ran into traffic problems on 635 late at night.  It was caused by a car fire, and when I saw the vehicle, all that was left was the frame.
  • It seemed a bit weird for ESPN to have a two-hour NFL game day show and then go immediately to airing a Canadian football game.
  • Charles Woodson of the Raiders intercepted NY Jet Gino Smith.  When Woodson first entered the league, Smith was only six-years-old.
  • I feel like the first couple years of the Charlie Strong era at the University of Texas will be like Mack Brown’s with a lot of growing pains.  I remember Brown losing twice to UCLA, one time 66-3 at home back in 1997.  Oddly, Strong’s Longhorns play UCLA next.
  • I expected June Jones to have a much better program at SMU after leaving Hawaii.
  • I’m looking forward to seeing the Family Guy characters on The Simpsons.  In anticipation of the event, the show creators drew each other.
  • Pancake Breakfast Tacos
  • Southwest Airlines is set to make a special announcement this morning. There are leaked pictures of a new paint scheme that takes away the red belly.  It was my understanding that Colleen Barrett always wanted the bellies red so their planes could be easily identifiable.
  • Former Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson is 71-years-old and that surprises me for some reason.
  • The Rangers knew what they were doing holding that press conference about Ron Washington’s resignation on a Friday and only giving reporters a half hour to attend – It’s now Monday and the Cowboys are the news item.  There’s a lot of weirdness about this story, but I’m most surprised that Wash never addressed this team as he’s such a players’ manager.
  • Buzzfeed – It Looks Like The Alternate “How I Met Your Mother” Ending Has Leaked Online
  • A good friend of mine just got back from a major camping trip that included Grand Teton National Park.  The twelve-year-old me giggled everytime he said “Grand Tetons”.
  • ‘Naked and Afraid’ thoughts:
    • Contestants can bring one survival item.  Usually that item is a knife, fire starter, or a metal pot.  Last night one self-described redneck brought duct/duck tape.  That wasn’t a bad idea, but the way he was going through it there was no way it was going to last him the entire 21 days.
    • The redneck was also a smoker and wanted to use this experience to stop cold turkey.  That’s right, he wanted to stop smoking while trying to survive in a Nicaraguan jungle going through dehydration and starvation.  He only lasted until day five and tapped out.
    • The redneck also stated he was not a religious man, but at one point said he was so weak and sick he considered praying.  At one point he started to sleepwalk.
    • There were some spider monkeys throwing nuts at the contestants trying to be territorial.
  • I. Love. My. Wife.  (I promise I’m not in trouble.)
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. John Mackovic says:

    Mack Brown didn't coach the Longhorns in '97 for Rout 66. His team did lose the UCLA the following year, but the team went 9-3 and had a Heisman Trophy winner.

  2. Brian says:

    Wash did briefly address the team Friday afternoon before leaving. It just wasn’t widely reported.

  3. The Czar says:

    "I’m most surprised that Wash never addressed this team as he’s such a players’ manager."

    According to the Musers this morning, Wash not only addressed the team but also had his lawyers there. This is really mysterious. The team's line is that it's not drug related; Wash says it is not a health issue for either he or his wife. I have to think if he wanted to leave over a dispute he would just let them fire him so he could pick up an extra million.

    "A lot of Cowboys fans were surprised at the amount of red in the stands at yesterday’s game." Based on something Jerry said last year, I think that for Jerry it's steadily becoming more about entertainment and filling the place up. Wining is now viewed as secondary. If the place is 90% visiting fans that's OK as long as the seats are full.

    I really want Charlie Strong to make it by restoring values to the program, but the BYU performance was very poor. Fortunately, the Cowboys abysmal performance Sunday shifted a lot of the conversation away from the Longhorns.

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