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  • The guy mentioned yesterday that he had to “babysit” his step-daughter because of a root canal.  That made me laugh because when WifeGeeding leaves me alone with the kids I always call it “babysitting” and she firmly corrects me that it’s call “parenting”.  But I usually fire back jovially that one can be a parent and still babysit, and that’s when she give the evil-eye . . . with the glass-eye.
  • There’s a family event my in-laws are having in East Texas that I have to attend this weekend.  My first thought about these things is that it’s some sort of staged intervention for me – . . . You will like hunting . . . . You will turn Republican . . . You will cheer for all thing Baylor . . . . Ketchup doesn’t need to be stored in the refrigerator . . .  “Syrup” is pronounced “sir-uh p” and not “syr-uh p”.
  • I think I’ve only mooned one person in my life.  And yes, Jimi, that as your sister.
  • My gosh, that Wendy Davis interview yesterday on The TICKET was torture.  First of all she was late, and then she went into filibuster mode answering the first question.  There’s no way she won over a single voter yesterday; heck, I bet she lost a few.  The more I listen to Davis, the more I believe she’s just a spark with no substance.  I’m beginning to think the reason why she was chosen to filibuster was because she’s full of hot air and can lull people to sleep with details and generalities.  And sooner or later, she’s going to have to air a campaign commercial that’s more pro-Davis than anti-Abbott.  Abbott’s latest commercial focuses on his ability to wheel a wheelchair up a parking garage.  It’s almost like he’s trying to get sympathy votes.
  • As a Democrat I’ve been disappointed in Obama’s soft foreign policy as of late, at least his rhetoric, and then Biden comes out saying the U.S. will follow ISIS/ISIL to the gates of Hell.  But then again, he’s just playing to the media to try to help his presidential ambitions.
  • Why did it take so long for boxer briefs to be invented?  I normally wear the cotton kind, but if I know I’m going to sweat, there’s a nylon/elastane version I’ll put on.  I only mention this as this was a brief (see what I did there?) conversation about it on BaD Radio.
  • I tend to think of insensitive things when watching the news.  For instance there’s that weird story in Frisco.  Back in January a ten-year-old boy was found wrapped in a cloth and placed in a bathtub with ice packs.  The mother was accused of murder but stated she was trying to preserve the body until the husband could come home and do something according to their Hindu faith.  The medical examiner later declared the death natural but it seemed the cops were still after her.  Now it appears both parents have been found death at their home, one inside and one in the pool.  The insensitive part of me wonders how much property values in the neighborhood dropped after the son died, how much more they will continue to drop after two adults are found dead, and what that house will sell for compared to other similar houses in the area.
  • Top NFL salaries, 25 years ago (1989)
  • Sputnik launched in 1957, but the first photo taken from space was in 1946 from a rocket launched in New Mexico.
  • You can listen to Garth Brook’s new single ‘People Loving People’ here.
  • Buzzfeed – This College Student Will Carry A Mattress To Class Every Day Until Her Alleged Rapist Leaves Campus
  • Fans of The TICKET might enjoy the shirts and posters BaD Radio is selling.
  • I saw a commercial for Denzel Washington’s new movie The Equalizer which brought back memories of an old CBS show by the same name my father use to watch about a retired British spy in New York.  It turns out the movie is based on the television show.
  • The Simpsons marathon’s ratings were 3 times higher than FXX expected
  • GIF – Two dogs unite to remove a car tire from a pool.
  • All Roads Lead to Willie Nelson: Rolling Stone’s Definitive Profile of the Country Icon
  • A bit of “bad timing” and “too soon” – ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Marketers Sorry for ‘National Beheading Day’ Social Media Campaign
  • Video – Fruits and veggies may no longer have stickers but a laser tattoo.
  • There such a thing as a 3-D concrete printer and it was used to make a small castle.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I didn't hear the Wendy Davis interview but it was unanimously panned. As far as her attack ads, I think she's been fairly restrained so far. You should have seen some of the ads I saw in Colorado earlier this year. I'm sure her campaign is saving the heavy stuff for later. But she has no option but go negative, very negative if she going to have any chance at all of winning. Stirring up the Democrat base isn't going to be enough. The gentry will vote Abbott just because. She will have to make him so unpalatable that even die hard Republicans will be turned off voting for him. To do that she needs a stellar debate performance (pretty much the polar opposite of her Ticket interview) and a big ol' bucket of mud. A "clean" campaign would have zero chance of winning.

  2. The Czar says:

    No, Wendy Davis didn't win over anyone for her performance on the Ticket yesterday.. The problem with her campaign is in how poorly it's being managed. I don't think she knew anything about the Ticket when she called in. Someone must have merely told her that it was a radio show. She didn't even get the names of the Musers correct. She was just totally unprepared for the format. It was so painful to listen to I turned it off after a few minutes. She probably wouldn't have won any votes anyway, but it demonstrates how tone-deaf and out of step she can be. She has to have the ability to shift gears and think on her feet if she is going to be competitive.

    I don't have a problem with Obama's reluctance so far to set a firm policy on ISIS. I prefer a president who is deliberative when it comes to committing to war. That's how we bungled our way into the last few wars, which went badly because after committing to them we realized we didn't have a clear strategy for winning them. I'll say it again, if there was a draft the public would be a lot cooler to the urgent need to sending troops back in. He shouldn't allow himself to stampeded by the media. The purpose of the 911 attacks and the beheadings is to goad us into a war with the entire Muslim world. BTW, where's Saudi Arabia in all of this? They are our allies; have a first class air force and are the ultimate objective of ISIS.

    • Geeding says:

      I'm surprised she didn't know anything about The TICKET or at least briefed about it because she represents a district in their broadcast range. Like you, I don't mind Obama's approach and don't want anything bungled, I just want better rhetoric.

  3. Bubear says:

    His kids are rent a kids and aren't really his…so thank gawd they still got a shot!

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