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  • Yesterday was “Meet The Teacher” day at DaughterGeeding’s preschool.  While I work at home and just wear shorts and a t-shirt all day, I tend to dress up for these sort of things, at least throwing on a pair of jeans and some kind of collared shirt.  One breast-augmented mother thought different wearing skin tight (spandex) top and bottom workout clothes.  First impressions are always something.
  • At what point during the VW Beetle assembly process can one “officially” call slug-bug?
  • A friend that didn’t graduate from my high school contacted me to let me know that my graduating class will be having their 20-year-reunion at Fuzzy’s Tacos.  I don’t plan on attending but it was nice to be thought of.  I just thought it was funny that I had to hear about it from someone not affiliated with my class.  See, I felt left out in high school and now I’m feeling left out again.
  • Couple celebrates 80-year marriage.
  • That Kevin Sumlin seems to be one heck of a coach.  At least the Aggies will run up the score on legitimate football programs unlike a certain Baptist university in Texas, and I don’t mean Hardin-Simmons.  But I might mean Mary Hardin-Baylor, Wayland, ETBU, Wayland, or Howard Payne.  In college we would sometimes challenge other Baptist in trying to name all the Baptist universities in Texas.  This list has twelve, but at the time we only counted or knew of nine.
  • You probably don’t want to click on this because it features a blonde in bikini on the beach – Today’s dose of ‘MURICA
  • There a a ton of trampoline parks that have popped up within the last two year and I bet most of them will close down in the next three to five years.  It’s like everyone thought they had this unique idea for a business that didn’t exists and now the market is saturated.
  • There was something about Adam Scott the actor (as opposed to the famous golfer) that really bugged me, but he won me over in ‘Parks and Recreation’ and a few other film roles.  This week I found out he’s such a U2 fan that he co-hosts a U2 podcast called U Talkin’ U2 To Me?.  So now I love the guy.
  • WifeGeeding was at her boot camp workout when the instructor told a story about a snake on her property and not to be outdone, someone tried to one-up her by telling a story of a woman that got bit by baby cobras that were sewn into the lining of a coat at Burlington Coat Factory.  I told her that sounded like an urban legend, and upon googling “cobra burlington coat factory” the first search result is a article that mentions a variation of the urban legend.
  • I often hear Jerry Jones’ personal bodyguard and driver Roosevelt mentioned but I can never find a picture of him, even searching on the Internet.  But I did find an article about his daughter who played basketball at Oklahoma State.  This reminded me of the HBO ‘Real Sports’ segment in which they showed Jerry and T. Boone Pickens flying to Oklahoma together in Jerry’s jet (a bit before drafting Dez Bryant), and I’m left wondering if Jerry and Pickens’ relationship played a part in Roosevelt’s daughter playing for OSU.
  • Random wheels off Cowboys prediction that will happen within two years:  Romo gets hurt and Manziel grows unhappy in Cleveland, Manziel winds up being the quarterback of the Cowboys.
  • Thoughts on the ESPN Jerry Jones article and ‘Behind the Lines’ special:
    • What more can they add to an hour long television special that isn’t already in that lengthy article?  It sure is amazing what attention this guy can get.
    • The article starts off with the reporter trying to go through Rich Dalrymple to get Jerry to agree to the interview only for Dalrymple to tell him Jerry didn’t want to do it.  I interpreted this as Dalrymple trying to protect his boss and politely telling the reporter no, and the reporter going around Dalrymple and straight to Jerry alone in a bar. It’s almost hard for me to believe Jerry Jones could be drinking alone in a bar.  Other former coaches and players didn’t want to meet with this reporter, so I wonder if something is fishy, either with the reporter or the relationship Jones has with these folks.
    • It went into detail on how he got a lot of his money, and I had no idea that it was kinda shady, “By the mid-’80s, the public utility was buying from Jones at a locked-in rate that was as high as $2.74 despite a glut that had dropped the market price to 16 cents.”
    • According to Jerry, Dr. Pepper is big with the San Antonio Hispanic community.
    • Laura Miller offered to name a bridge after him?
    • I’m really surprised that Jerry is still emotional about the whole Jimmy Johnson thing.
    • There’s no way Jerry could be found guilty of tampering, at least how the article describes his conversation with Adrian Peterson.
    • Jerry sure loves his Johnnie Walker Blue, and there’s lots of references to womanizing.  This has always been talked about but not so much reported until lately.
    • Dale Hansen is referenced a few times and he tells a story of Jones threatening to buy a bar and fire the bartender if he didn’t continue to serve drinks way passed closing time.
    • I forgot that the Cowboys are the only NFL team to to market and distribute their own merchandise.
    • Even in written word, we are reminded about Gene’s involvement with art at the new stadium.
    • I had no idea he and Gene have helped the Library of Congress replace books from the Jefferson library.
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  2. Del Eon says:

    You're not left out. No one is ever left out of "the bigger picture." That "little voice in your head" as some call it, is more than it seems. That "little voice" is big; Bigger than the matter and mass of atoms and the structures they form. That "little voice" exceeds all known physics. Not only are you communicating with your sole, you are communicating with all of life. Relevance: Joan of Arc, Noah, and every entity of life.

    • Del Eon says:

      Kind of like a flock of birds moving like a single entity, with some moving away from the flock, creating a new flock. Similar to consciousness, but a universal consciousness. Similar to internet chat, but truly free and available amongst all that quest it. Wisdom to be obtained, but no concrete answers is what you'll find.

      Yoda? Is that you again?

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