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  • With the blister on my foot I switched to bike riding, but on my last bike ride I had a blowout and had to walk back which made the almost-healed blister painful again.  When the blowout happened halfway on my ride I wasn’t even upset.  For split second I thought about calling WifeGeeding to pick me up, but I thought the walk would make for some good exercise.  All I did was switch the workout on my smartwatch from Cycle to Walk.  On my bike ride yesterday two of the paths were closed due to flooding from all the rain we got.
  • My pastor sent me a letter asking me to be at yesterday’s service so he could recognize me in front of the congregation for the time I served as a deacon and the deacon moderator.  I attended the service yesterday and he forgot.
  • The storm disrupted the power at our church and there was only limited air conditioning in the building, and because of that, Sunday school was canceled.  It’s funny the lengths Christians around the world will go to to learn and worship, and when a modern convenience affects us we tap out quite easily.
  • About two months ago our local McDonalds had a massive renovation, then about three weeks out the neighboring Wendy’s closed for two weeks for their major renovation.  For some reason, the Wendy’s has about a ten foot long virtual fireplace that just looks like a waste of money.
  • I was concerned at all the businesses closing in my area along I35 but this weekend I learned they were all closing because of the I35 expansion.  Those buildings will be torn down; some have closed up for good, but others are moving to my side of the highway such as Pier One and Salt Grass.  Speaking of Salt Grass, I learned this weekend that the Lewisville location was the first DFW location and the sixth overall.
  • I was looking at Netflix and Google Play to stream Aladdin to watch with the family, but the Disney Channel was nice enough to run it commercial free in the wake of Robin William’s death.  They even added a nice little tribute at the end before the credits rolled.
  • When the heck did they remove the ice rink from Stonebriar Centre?
  • I’m certainly not a fan of Gov Good Hair With Glasses but those charges seem pretty mild.  Whatever the case, I still want him to run for president, we need the humor he’ll bring.
  • Five myths about presidential vacations
  • I wonder if the Brittney Griner engagement will make it in the Baylor magazine that appears in our mailbox.
  • I felt like another version of me with greater writing and grammar skills wrote this – Christianity Can’t Replace My Zoloft – But I can still hear in the back of my mind some Christians telling me that I only suffer because my faith/salvation isn’t genuine.
  • I think an important quality in a pastor is his or her ability to use current events to reach their congregation.  Robin Williams’ suicide is a huge opportunity to reach out to the congregation and reach those in depression.  I think if a pastor doesn’t take these sort of opportunities, they are either self absorb or lack the ability to relate to things outside church walls.
  • A man in South Korea was Baptised by Pope Francis and that man took the baptismal name “Francis”.  Until yesterday, that was the first I heard of the term “baptismal name”.
  • I think I hear something similar once a month – Irish Times: U2 Album Finished, Band Has OK’d Tour Schedule‏
  • From across the pond – Travelodge removes the Bible from every room: No one had complained… but chain ‘doesn’t want to discriminate’
  • For those interested in the light technology of the Dallas Omni, here you go.
  • IFC has been playing all the 60’s Batman shows and I caught one in which Gomez Addams  (John Astin) played the Riddler.  I was use to only seeing Frank Gorshin in the role.  Watching those episodes in syndication was great as a kid, but now as an adult I actually get and appreciate the humor so much more.
  • I finally watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier and that was the best action flick I’ve seen in a long time.  Seeing some of Paul Newman’s products in Robert Redford’s character’s fridge was a really cool way to pay homage.
  • Houston Mother Created An App That Makes It Impossible For Kids To Ignore Their Parents’ Texts
  • Turn Any YouTube Video Into A GIF By Just Adding “GIF” To The URL | TechCrunch
  • Star Wars fans rejoice –  Original, Unaltered Cut Of Star Wars Trilogy To Be Released On Blu-ray By Disney
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Ben W. says:

    I went to one of the remodeled Wendy's recently, too, and I thought the same thing: they sure did drop a lot of money trying to make this place look nice. But it's still just a Wendy's – despite the fancy 10-foot-long, useless "fireplace" thing, the ketchup pumps were still empty (and dirty), one of the new tables was already uneven, and it took about 20 minutes to get our food. Something came to mind about putting lipstick on a pig.

    I tried to get my 6-yr-old son to watch one of those old Batman episodes with me. He lost interest pretty quickly, and while I enjoyed it, the show just generated a lot of eyerolling from my wife. It is really cheesetastic, though.

    As for Star Wars, when you look at what Disney has done since it purchased Lucasfilm – greenlighting not only the new trilogy but also multiple standalone films, reissuing the original trilogy in the form fanboys have been clamoring for, Disney's CEO's recent announcement that Star Wars is going to get a "significant" presence in the parks – it's a good time to be a Star Wars fan.

  2. RPM says:

    "I can still hear in the back of my mind some Christians telling me that I only suffer because my faith/salvation isn’t genuine." These are the people that you should be worried about. They are misguided and need to be reminded that God helps those that help themselves, i.e. medicine. Otherwise all Doctors are just fakes and all healing is divine. I don't think it works that way.

  3. b_caesar says:

    Here's a counterpoint I saw to your comment about pastors and taking opportunities…

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