Bag of Randomness


  • I started this website nine years ago today.  Will it still be around next year?
  • I bet when Letterman gets back from vacation his first guest will be Billy Crystal to discuss Robin Williams passing.  As a fan of late night shows (get your head out of the gutter, people!) I’ve been curious to know what Letterman and Stewart will say and kind of bummed they’ve been on vacation.
  • Something for the fans of Legos and that Simpsons episode with the X-Files.
  • One of my readers that doesn’t live in the Bible Belt didn’t understand my reference yesterday about friends that hung outside dance clubs to witness to people as they walked to their cars.  I guess I need to understand I have readers outside of this state and may not be all that familiar with church talk.
  • WifeGeeding some sort of Baylor magazine in the mail yesterday that had the new stadium on the cover.  That particular cover photo made the stadium look cheap, but I’ve seen other pics that made it look like a jewel.
  • GIF – This tiger wakes up because he smells something to eat, but I’m amazed at his eyes roll from the outside in.
  • A major theme on last night’s ‘You’re The Worst’ was choosing between Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel.  Easy, give me Collins everytime.
  • I think it was Tom Landry that said you don’t want to be the guy that replaces the guy, you want to be the guy that replaces that guy that replaces the guy.  That’s was my first thought when David Gregory was named to replace Tim Russert, and my first thought again when Chuck Todd was named to replace Gregory.  Huh, both those guys have first and last names that can serve either as a first or last name – for some reason, I find people with those names hard to trust.
  • Yesterday I learned that the television graphics which occupies the lower area of the screen is called the chyron.  Jimmy Fallon mentioned it last night I it caused me to look it up.  Bono’s daughter was on the show promoting her new show with Clive Owen and Steven Soderbergh – The Knick.  She was named Eve because she was born on the seventh day of the seventh month at seven o’clock – “eve” is in the middle of the “seven”.
  • Language and Hateful Speech Warning – A woman almost gets into a car accident and totally goes off on a dude – YouTube
  • Dust from beyond our solar system fell to Earth from space probe
  • Buzzfeed – 13 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Classic Disneyland Rides
  • GIF – What happens when a thunderstorm hits the world’s busiest airport (ATL)‏ -It’s the flying in circles that gets your attention.
  • MomGeeding would have turned 66 today.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday BON!

    and happy memories for you of your mom!

  2. barry says:

    August is a "big" month for you, KWG. Several of those big days are sorrowful as you wrote the other day. It's interesting that one of your life's "work of art" (BON) celebrates a birth in a month filled with sorrow / suffering. It exemplifies that the best art (yes, BON is a great work of art!) syncs with suffering. And whether or not you're led to put the finishing touches on BON within the next year, you'll be able to look back and be greatly satisfied. You've kept it real (genuine, honest, human). And being real always impacts those who come across it. As your dad used to tell ya, you're a good man, Charlie Brown.

  3. Coxie says:

    Planning on you being around minimum of another year. Makes my morning every day.

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