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  • OUCH!  That’s the only way to describe the opening scene on last night’s episode of ‘The Bridge’.   And there was a way of torture stated using the eyes that I never considered.
  • I live in an area that doesn’t qualify for Amazon same day delivery, but I doubt I’d use it anyways.
  • I appreciate all the comments yesterday about birthdays.  It is weird how we can remember our age quite easily up to around 32 and then we actually have to stop and think about it.
  • Diet and exercise – I don’t know why I can’t commit to both at one time, it’s usually one or the other, and then I gripe that I’m not losing inches around my waist.
  • Seven weeks ago I started to work out (yet again) doing the six week KettleWorX program three times a week and cardio on the elliptical two days a week with a few bike rides with the kids in between.  I really like that program because it gives a great total body workout with lots of cardio, but I’m wanting to change things up.
  • I’m now starting my mornings with a 40-minute power walk and finishing with lifting weights.  Gosh, that sounds wimpy, but I’ve always had bad feet and I hate cardio.  Part of the motivation is using my Gear Fit and try to get in 10,000 steps a day, which can be a bit of a challenge when you work from home.  I’m really surprised how sore I was considering I was using the elliptical and working out my legs, but I’m learning there’s nothing like carrying your own body weight unassisted.  My feet have also been sore and developed some blisters, so hopefully my new shoes and moisture wicking socks will fix that problem.
  • My 40-minute walk around my hilly neighborhood tallies up around 4,400 steps.
  • I’ve never seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but did crack up about how much it was referenced in Summer School.  And it wasn’t until now that I realized Courtney Thorne-Smith was in that movie.  My gosh, that woman aged extremely well.
  • Data is plural for datum.
  • From this tweet, I think the Ranger’s conference room or auditorium uses actual stadium seats, which I think is cool.
  • The Tu-Tang Clan was on ‘The Daily Show’ last night.  Whenever I hear of them my first thought is their part on the Racial Draft skit on ‘Chappelle’s Show’.  Gosh, I miss that show, and it’s hard to believe that skit is 10 years old.
  • Why The Heck Is Amtrak Still In Business After Losing Money 43 Years Straight? –  The answer, a healthy annual government subsidy of around $1b a year.
  • Harry Potter author reaches out to survivor of Spring family shooting
  • An infograph about reading on the toilet
  • Man Buys 23 Burger King Apple Pies to Spite a Small Child
  • The Moto 360 Android Wear Watch Is Ready For Its Closeup
  • The University of Michigan is building a fake city for driverless cars
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    OK, stand back cause I'm climbing on my soapbox. Rail travel is feasible, It's just been horribly mismanaged. We were first poisoned against regional rail by GM (bus lines worked better than trolleys, see LA's Red Cars) then airlines jumped into the mix to cover regional travel even faster. Remember Texas International and Central Airlines? They flew the regional puddlejumper routes between Dallas and Wichita Falls, Big Spring, Midland, Laredo, ect with DC3's and other prop jobs or regional jets like DC-9's. Most of those places aren't serviced by regular schedule today leaving them with worse public transportation than was available in the 1920's. We need to refocus our regional travel by rail and long distance by air.

  2. RPM says:

    Forgot to mention… great pic!

  3. Jason says:

    Totally agree with the Burger King pie guy.

    There is something really wrong with the girl from Spring. And I don't mean in a "well of course, her whole family was killed in front of her" kind of way. I don't think Mormons and fundamentalist Christians deal with grief well. I can't remember which one of those she is, but she fits the pattern that I always see with folks like that–Andrea Yeates' husband is another prime example.

    Earl Campbell's name is still plastered all over the middle school gym and locker room we both went to. He's looking pretty bad nowadays.

    I miss Dave Chappelle too. I don't think he could have sustained the quality of the show much longer, and I think he knew it. My favorite skits are still the OJ Simpson jury selection, and the white CEO treated like a crack dealer one.

    Close behind is the reparations skit, when crime dropped to 0%. "How could that be-did the Mexicans get money today too?"

    Man, I miss that guy too.

    • Ben W. says:

      I agree on your point re: certain religious groups not handling grief well. Coming from that kind of background, I think a lot of it boils down to a few doctrinal precepts: (1) everything happens because of God's will; (2) the joy of the Lord is your strength, so living a less-than-joyful life means you're not accepting God's help or you don't have "enough" Jesus in your life; and (3) bad things happen as a punishment/retribution for bad things you've done, so when you experience bad in your life, it's because of something you've done or some sin hidden in your heart.

      None of those three have a sound basis in scripture, but they are definitely effective ways of controlling people, which is why they persist. They're insidious ideas that ultimately can create a massive amount of harm.

      There is a large segment of American Christianity that denies the experience of suffering in life, mainly because of doctrines like this. To deny this is to deny the teachings of the Bible, which is filled with stories of suffering and grief and loss. But the Bible teaches how to live through it by doing just that: living through it, not pretending that you don't have suffering simply because you have enough Jesus. God is not a magical eraser that makes the pain go away. He's the Great Healer that binds your wounds and helps you to move forward.

      At least, IMO.

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