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  1. RPM says:

    Brush With Greatness- I met Scott Pelley when I was a DJ on 96.7 (yeah, the same 96.7 that's now The Ticket) and he was a reporter for WFAA-TV 8. I had worked for Belo as an intern and was still a stringer. I called in a big fire in Bridgeport and they sent Telecopter 8 with Scott Pelley to cover the story. It was dark and I had to talk them into a helipad in downtown Bridgeport at the old hospital (You don't know where the old hospital is? Find the Dairy Queen sign and go 2 blocks West.) via telephone relay with the newsroom. Then when they landed, I had to abandon my post at the radio station midshift and play taxi for the news crew. Luckily I could preprogram up to 3 hours before tapes would run out and my boss at the radio station had no idea what was happening.

    I picked up the 5 man crew (pilot, sound, camera, producer, reporter) in my tiny Dodge 2.2 Charger. The sound guy had to ride in the hatchback. I drove them to the fire, waited 30-45 minutes for them to get ENG (Electronic News Gathering) then drove them back to the helo. After everyone loaded up and the helo was about to lift off, Scott Pelley stopped, walked back to the car, looked me square in the eye, shook my hand and personally thanked me for going out of my way to help them.

    He struck me as a squared away, no-nonsense kind of guy that meant exactly what he said and had great things in store for him. I had no idea I was shaking hands with the man that would eventually anchor the CBS Evening News. But I've no doubt he's cut from the same cloth as Murrow and Cronkite.

  2. Uppercase Matt says:

    We'll be at the circus tomorrow. Note that the doors open an hour before the show starts — it's nice to go early, since there's stuff going on on the floor and you're allowed to go down there and interact with them. It's a good chance to let the kids get up-close-and-personal before going to their seats for the actual show.

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