Bag of Randomness


  • BoyGeeding hasn’t been to the doctor since last year, but when he saw the doctor yesterday he asked her why she was using the blue stethoscope as opposed to the red one that was used on his last visit.
  • WifeGeeding was upstairs with the kids and asked if I would get some topical ointment from her makeup-bag and throw it up to her.  After ten minutes looking at five different bags, I learned that after eleven years of marriage I have no idea as to what constitutes a make-up bag.
  • I’m surprised it has taken me eleven years of marriage that there’s no pleasing a woman.  WifeGeeding was complaining that we should eat in more but she doesn’t have the time to cook, so I start to cook dinner for the family.  WifeGeeding complains that she’s a bad wife/mother because she doesn’t cook dinner for the family, so I let her do the cooking.  We later get into an some back-and-forth about who does what around the house and how much of it and she throws out “who does the cooking around here?”
  • I only caught the last half hour of HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ but if focused a lot on golf, and many golf courses are putting in 15-inch golf holes which speeds up the game (up to an hour) and to make it more inviting to the youth.  It also had a feature on Top Golf.
  • I saw my neighbor who plays in the NFL hop into a Porsche Cayenne with some other players to carpool to the airport for the start of training camp, but I couldn’t make out who else was in the SUV.
  • I subscribe to my local police newsletter, apparently a $250 shoe purchase by social media went wrong because it ended up at gunpoint.
  • There’s an office chair I’ve been eyeing at Costco, one of those that’s made out of some tough mesh material which helps your bottom to “breath”.  Since it was $20 bucks off I decided to pull the trigger.  Mesh office chairs can be surprisingly expensive, here’s a mesh office chair for almost $900.
  • Looking at my site stats last night, I was surprised that I had 15 visitors that came her from The New Yorker website.
  • In Indiana – Woman Lets God Drive Car, God Immediately Runs Down Guy On Motorcycle
  • The Dallas Morning News has a feature called ‘Texas Faith’ in which the paper will ask leaders of different denominations and faiths one question, and the reader can compare and contrast the answers.  A lot of times the question centers around current issues and politics, but this time the question seemed more frivolous and entertaining – What’s the best religious movie ever?
  • I will admit, she has a way with words – USA Today – TMZ was first to report the news about Palin, who told the gossip website that “I wasn’t speeding, I was qualifying.” She also blamed her offense partly to the influence of Sammy Hagar’s I Can’t Drive 55 on the radio.
  • It will be interesting once Gov Perry is in a debate with other Republicans and they slam him for sending the National Guard to the border as they don’t even have the power to ask for I.D. or arrest.
  • One thing you’ll find at Klyde Warren Park that you won’t find at just about every local park – a merry-go-round.  It was a must that my kids get exposed to one of my favorite childhood playground equipment.  Now if I can only find this version of the monkey bars.
  • It’s amazing that eight years ago we had a Republican president that can make this kind of speech about immigration.  Per Bud Kennedy, those were the pre Tea Party days.  Bush also wanted to send the National Guard but to served in more of support role to the Border Control, as opposed to Perry’s plan.
  • I thought this was a pretty lame list from Buzzfeed, I could only identify with two – 22 Things Every Kid Who Grew Up In An Evangelical Church Knows To Be True
  • ‘Straight White Guy Festival’ supposedly set for Ohio park
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Dan F says:

    I have had my Aeron mesh chair for over 7 years, it has held up very well and I still love it!

  2. towski says:

    I was going to see, that Herman Miller chair is fantastic. It's what I had at the Nasher. I still miss it.

  3. RPM says:

    I have an Aeron knockoff that I love, but after a few years I had to get a cushion.

  4. Jason says:

    OH man, I feel for you on your wife./cooking/argument issue. I am right there with you. Our recent one was "why are you going to borrow your son's truck? You know I had to go out that night with friends?" Me: "Uhhhh, it was to get the materials, mulch, and plants to finish those last three projects you found for me to do on Pinterest."

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