Bag of Randomness


  • WifeGeeding and the kids have been gone for four days, so GeedingManor has been Frozen Song Singing, Crying, and Pee-Pee Accident free for four days.  But gosh darn it, I miss ’em.
  • Jury duty didn’t even last 15-minutes as the trail was canceled, neither of the parties showed up, not even the lawyers.  Heck, we didn’t even get our ten bucks, but we did get an early start to a three-day weekend, which basically made it a four-day weekend.
  • I did catch a typo in the jury handbook.  Those sort of things annoy me.  Last week I got an alumni newsletter that had a typo in the third sentence.
  • If you think I’m a hypocrite for being annoyed by typos when this blog is full or grammar, spelling, and typo errors, well, there’s a big difference between what I provide for free as a hobby and what people publish professionally.
  • While watching the latest episode of ‘Rectify’ this line just kind of stood out, “Obesity is the only thing that is thriving in this economy‏.”
  • The one major plot hole in ‘Games of Thrones’ that kills me in the first season is that no one, not even King Robert himself, was able to piece together that the prince wasn’t his son.  I’d love to create a parody version in which the prince is black.
  • I checked out the new Potato Flats at Trinity Groves.  It’s basically Chiptole for flattened baked potatoes and sweet potatoes.  It has some potential, but I was disappointed they didn’t have everything offered on the menu.  I took a decent picture of Large Marge (the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge) and downtown Dallas from outside the place with my camera phone.
  • I’ve got a friend that took his bike (the one without a motor) in to get fixed on Saturday so he could ride this weekend, but since they couldn’t get it back to him until Monday, he just bought another bike.
  • I hear there’s a Chicken Express in Ellis County that prints Bible verses on their receipts.
  • WifeGeeding’s FBI friend is visiting from D.C.  Her husband is one of the many lawyers working on the AT&T and DirecTV merger.  If I understand correctly, his firm directly bills the client for more than $100,000 daily.
  • Over the weekend Twitter informed me of my sixth anniversary, I had no idea I’ve been doing it for over four years.
  • Random Conspiracy Theory – Facebook was created by the NSA and people voluntarily give up their personal information.
  • It can be a hairy situation – An Arizona State University professor gave extra credit to females who didn’t shave from the neck down and to males who did shave from the neck down.
  • A lot of last night’s ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ focused upon the Cabbage Patch Kids craze and a hurricane that hit the DFW hard in 1983.  I the hurricane had to be either Alicia, Barry, or Tico.  It was probably Tico.
  • Craig Miller of The TICKET completed a full Ironman.
  • I’d like to buy a used smoker and try to smoke my own brisket and beef ribs, even though I really don’t have any idea of how to properly do such a thing.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Ben W. says:

    I, too, hate typos in published products. The one in that jury book almost looks like a kerning error, but I'd have to see more words that include a "w" to know for sure. Sadly, though, having been the editor of a published journal, I know far too well how easy it is for mistakes to make it through to the finished product. No matter how many eyes look at a draft, factors like deadlines and editor fatigue doom many publications.

  2. BigOlDad says:

    "I’d like to buy a used smoker and try to smoke my own brisket and beef ribs, even though I really don’t have any idea of how to properly do such a thing."

    Get a Weber Smokey Mountain, and a book called Low & Slow. He's a little condescending, but it's probably the best beginner's book I've seen. Brisket is easier than you think. To me, the trick is to keep the temp really low, and wrap it in foil after six hours. Then smoke it for three more. Use only salt and pepper. Never use lighter fluid or charcoal briquettes. Use real charcoal for stable temps, and real wood for flavor. No apple or cherry, that's BS and won't stand up to the charcoal.

    Now go do it. Careful: it's addictive.

  3. patti says:

    On your brisket, I bake mine all night long wrapped up in in foil all the way around it, then set in a baking pan. Inside I pour sweet pickle juice all over it & that's it. It comes out melt in your mouth tender with a light tangy Texas sweet taste.

  4. Susanne says:

    Are you *sure* Geeding Manor is Pee Pee Accident free? You're not just fibbing, are you???

  5. Neighbor says:

    I have a smoker and love to smoke brisket, ribs, and pork butt. You and the Geeding clan should come over one weekend and you can try it out.

  6. DF of LL says:

    "Jury duty didn’t even last 15-minutes as the trail was canceled"

    You mean typos like this one? (I think you meant trial instead of trail. Check with Barry, he may know)

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