Chocolate Fried Chicken


It sounds like something you’d get at a state fair, but no, it’s from a Los Angeles restaurant called┬áChocochicken.

Here’s some bits from a review in the LA Times.

  • He was craving mole and fried chicken at the same time and thought why not put chocolate and fried chicken together? The result is a chocolate fried chicken made from organic Jidori chicken soaked in a 36-hour brine, then coated in a crust with a mixture of 20 spices.
  • Fleischman uses 62% bittersweet chocolate from Coco Suisse, a local producer based in Beverly Hills. The chocolate is used in or on almost everything on the menu, including the fried chicken, the chocolate ketchup, duck fat fries and a special Choco seasoning. There’s also mashed potatoes with white chocolate chive butter, peppadews stuffed with sausage, black cherries, Parmesan, dark chocolate, herbs and Choco dust and bacon biscuits.
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