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  • WifeGeeding and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday by doing something out of the norm for us, seeing the horses race at Lone Star Park.  The whole experience was a lot more affordable than I thought.  About half of our experience was paid for using a roll of quarters, something left over from the garage sale we had a few weeks ago.
  • We spent a few extra dollars to eat and watch from their indoor restaurant, and that was money well spent.  Not only do they have a full menu and a massive buffet, but you don’t even have to get up to place a bet as a bookie is assigned to your area.  Their website said the dress code for the restaurant was business casual but that rule wasn’t enforced at all there were some shorts and t-shirts folks around.
  • We seriously didn’t’ have any idea what we were doing, but a father an son sitting next to us was nice enough to educate us.  After that, we had a blast.
  • The saddest part of the evening occurred during the second race when a horse pulled up on the straightaway.  Eventually a tarp was set up to block spectators’ view, but from our vantage your could almost see everything going on, and unfortunately, they put the horse down right there on the track.  In the replay of the race you could definitely see the leg break and wobble.  And no, I didn’t bet on that horse.
  • A good friend of mine was excited to eat at Pecan Lodge on Saturday.  He and his friends got a really good parking spot and he said when he exited his car it was the best smell imaginable.  But all the good stuff was ruined when he walked up to the door and saw the place was closed/reserved for a mayor’s conference.
  • I visited my friend who had a stroke in his hospital room, and on the way up there I started to wonder how my overall health was.  When I entered the hospital I discovered they were having a free men’s health clinic with free screenings, which also included blood work.
  • I watched The Lego Movie this weekend and I discovered I must think about politics way too much.  The movie is really against big brother and big government, so I thought very conservative voters would really enjoy it.
  • Speaking of thinking of politics too much, I caught an interview with Chelsea Handler.  I don’t really care for her, but after her interview on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ I came across really respecting her.  But as I listened to her speak, it seemed like she spoke with the same weirdly articulate tone and cadence as Wendy Davis, but just a tad bit faster.  And speaking of Davis, any momentum she once had has to be gone, that’s been one quiet campaign.
  • This ATM seem legit.
  • I caught a biography over John Glenn this weekend, a few things that stood out:
    • Ethel Kennedy asked him to inform her children of her husband’s death.
    • One requirement for the Mercury 7 astronauts was that all men had to be married with children.  It was thought that having something to live for would take away and hot shot or risky chances.
    • He stated that doctors believed that too much time in space would cause the eyeballs to take a different shape due to the lack of gravity.
    • In a senate race debate, his opponent, Howard Metzenbaum, accused Glenn of never really having a job.  Glenn’s response was better than anything I could have imagined and was great patriotic and political theater.  I can’t do it justice by describing it, and if there is anything you should listen to today, it’s this.  I’m surprised this is the first I’ve heard of it.
  • I know Allen ISD is having problems with their mega stadium and all, but I was a bit surprised their high school graduation ceremony was held at the American Airlines Center.
  • Home Simpson GIF – I watched this for at least three whole minutes.
  • I saw a guy at the grocery store wearing an authentic Sean Lee jersey.  Well, if he ain’t gonna get any playing time, you might as well get your money’s worth out of the jersey.
  • After seeing so many dashcam videos, I was curious as to what you can by one for.  It looks like you can get a decent one that records in 1080p for around $40.  I also saw some that’s a rearview mirror replacement, which makes me wonder if we’ll see these standard one day.
  • Woman who stopped for ducks faces life in prison
  • Lots of news of Hope Solo being arrested, but I still haven’t seen one mugshot.
  • A redditor posted a picture of a bag of Doritos Roulette – one in seven chips is extremely spicy.  Here’s a review.
  • There’s such a thing as smoked ice?
  • This person cooked a pancake in a rice cooker, and it was huge.  Here’s a couple of article on how to do it – Article1  and  Article2.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    After watching all the crazyness on Russian dashcams, I finally bought one in case I get in a wreck. It was about $45, records in 1080p onto a miniSD card and is very small. My mirror covers 98% of it and I only know it's there when it chirps shutting down. Hopefully I'll never need it, but if I do it's there.

    It's a long way until November. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can. They'll be politicking soon enough.

  2. Mark says:

    Damn, that pancake!

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