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  • I could tell WifeGeeding was a bit homesick, so my Father’s Day present to her and her dad was to have her and the kids make a surprise visit to the grandparents after lunch yesterday.  I mean, after the kids giving me presents and eating lunch with me, there really wasn’t anything else Father’s Day related to do other than treat it as another day.  And besides, statistically speaking, I have a lot more Father’s Day left than my father-in-law, so he should get to enjoy his grandkids while he still can.
  • The NFL Network focused on the 70’s recently and I caught the “10 Best Quarterbacks of the 70’s”.  Roger Staubach ended up at number one, and they showed clips of something I totally forgot about . . . how the network use to start to roll credits on the screen even before the game was over and during a comeback.
  • Dirk may soon replace Staubach as my favorite Dallas athlete.  Number three on the list, Tatu.  Here’s an old clip of Tatu scoring a goal on a bicycle kick.
  • Two quotes have stuck with me while watching the new season of ‘Orange Is the New Black’:
    • It’s hate speech.  It’s not meant to be accurate, it’s meant to be hurtful.
    • Hold on tightly, let go lightly.
  • When it comes to words like “is” and “the” I always forget which ones to capitalize when using them in a title.
  • This guy has a pig that is going through an identity crisis.
  • The URL will take you to  That’s because at one time that was going to be the name of the company.
  • San Antonio, enjoy while you can.  That was a pretty touching moment seeing Duncan hug his two kids tightly with a tear about to drop from his eye.  It was also nice to see former players David Robinson, Avery Johnson, and Sean Elliott take part in the celevrations.
  • You’ve heard of a smart-watch, now there’s a smart-ring.
  • 106.1 KISS FM – 27 facts you may not know about DFW – I didn’t know Woodrow Wilson High School is the only high school to produce two Heisman Trophy winners.
  • The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth
  • I graduated high school twenty years ago and thought then that Stephen Hawking didn’t have long to live.
  • If you don’t get the picture at the top of this post, then you didn’t listen to much John Couger Mellencamp in the 80’s.
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