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  • When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, I’m a big fan of using Comet.
  • I ordered a Ninja blender off of Woot the other day and it arrived at my doorstep yesterday.  The first order of business was to make a mean milk shake for the family.
  • Our CEO is the type that says we can email her anytime about anything, so I decided to take her up on that offer.  The next day she called my mobile phone and we had a friendly and constructive 45-minute conversation.
  • Speaking of work, I’ve been working some crazy hours this week, well into the double digits for a couple of days.  Yesterday DaughterGeeding walked into my office and just sat down all nice and content.  I asked what she was doing and she said that everyone’s been playing downstairs and I looked lonely, so she just wanted to be with me.  Touching, but she may have been buttering me up for something.
  • DaughterGeeding was really wanting to get her ears pierced yesterday and I think WifeGeeding wanted me to be the one to say no.  My solution, I showed her YouTube videos of girls her age getting their ears pierced, some crying and some that were tough, and she decided she wanted to wait a few years.
  • I want what Spurs fans have.
  • I wonder how much if any homeowners insurance is involved with that house on Lake Whitney that will be burned down this morning.  Man, I’d love to set up a time-lapse recording of that event.  UPDATE: WFAA is going to stream the burning at 10:00 AM and interviewed the homeowners who said insurance does not cover earth movement and they’ll be out over $700,000.
  • I think Jason Jones of ‘The Daily Show’ has lost some weight and he’s starting to look like he’s in good shape.
  • When I’m watching sports and I hear the commentators say “aggressive” the first thing that pops into my mind is the be aggressive cheer.
  • The City of Dallas really wants to win the Republican National Convention, that was one heck of a welcoming party they threw for the committee.  I always thought conventions were better off in a swing state to help sway things.  Local officials have been very gung-ho about this and keep touting that the convention was here when Reagan went on to win reelection.  Heck, I’m surprised they didn’t display video and pictures of how a Democratic president was killed here to amp things up even more.
  • I was curious as to whatever happened to the female federal judge that swore in LBJ on Air Force One.  Upon reading her Wikipedia entry, it turned out that she and no one else knew where to obtain the oath and she even volunteered to make one up.  Shortly later she and the presidential staff found out it was actually in the Constitution.
  • It was pretty cool for Tesla to open up their patents, but it makes me think they are going to start focusing more on battery production than auto manufacturing.
  • Warner Bros. may release seven DC Comics movies in two years
  • The State Fair of Texas isn’t until the end of September, but for some reason Buzz Feed decided to make a post about it.
  • Instead of working for tips, the wait staff at a Kentucky restaurant makes $10.00 an hour or 20% of their individual food sales, whichever is higher.
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. SpanishWarDonkey says:

    You’re reading BG’s blog too much, Keith. That comment about Kennedy was nothing but troll bait. On that note, however, I don’t think BG would be whitty enough to come up with something like that, so props to you, sir.

  2. RPM says:

    The Kennedy bit was kinda out there. But I get your point.

  3. BSG says:

    Hey, SpanishWarDonkey! What are you doing taking shots at me even when the shot is probably true! We're having fun here, no?

  4. Dallas Lawyer says:

    A blog post is not a patent license. If Tesla wants to be serious about it, they should disclaim any remaining patent term on their patents and dedicate them to the public.

    Sarah T. Hughes is honored every year by a Dallas Bar Association variety show that raises money for a scholarship in her name. Show is tonight and tomorrow.

  5. SpanishWarDonkey says:

    Haha oh I definitely laughed at the Kennedy quip! I just always consider BG to be the master (troll) baiter!!

  6. Sara says:

    Much love from Sara in San Antonio. If you haven't checked it out, check out the coverage of how everyone takes to the streets after EVERY Spurs Playoff win. And last year, we celebrated even though they lost. Because win or lose, we love them. We even cheer them getting off the plane in the middle of the night. KABB, WOAI, KSAT, and KENS are our news stations. Take a gander. MYSA is the newspaper.


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