Bag of Randomness


  • On a neighboring street, some thieves used a homeowner’s decorative blocks around a tree in their front yard to prop their Chevy Tahoe up and take their tires.
  • Our has predominately has hard floors so it’s easy for the kids to ride their tricycle, bicycle, and scooter inside – and it delights me to no end.
  • I went to the black barbershop yesterday and once upon entry I had to state who I was pulling for in the NBA Finals and that’s all everyone jokingly fought about for the next twenty minutes, it then moved to Manziel’s potential for success and then Dez’s new possible contract.
  • I was watching CBS11 news yesterday and was a little surprised that sports reporter Jane Slater filmed a segment of her in a bathing suit.  It’s all for that Red Bull diving thing at the cliff called Hell’s Gate at Possum Kingdom, and the organizers let her dive off a shorter platform than the real thing.  For those of you interested, she tweeted a pic.
  • Lubbock Ranked Absolute #1 Most Boring City in America by Movoto
  • The NRA stepped back from their harsh comments about Open Carry Texas.  Whenever I see the OCT folks interviewed, they always make sure to fit in a statement that people are entitled to be scared, and they are entitled to their constitutional right.  You can tell from the interviews they have their talking points down.
  • George P. Bush got favorable reviews for his speech at the Republican state convention.  Whether it’s a Kennedy or a Bush, it bugs me when people get elected mostly for a name, and there’s no way they would be that popular without that name.
  • Winston Churchill’s mother was an American and may have been responsible for the invention of the Manhattan cocktail.
  • Harry Truman speaking on stage with Ronald Reagan seated behind him.
  • Perhaps the most in-depth article about chocolate chip cookies ever written.
  • Until yesterday, I didn’t know Twitter has a limit on the number of people you can follow.
  • I don’t like the title of this article, as I think it’s a bit misleading – implying you quit the church forever.  But, it’s about how churches can make people damaged goods, something I felt I could identify with.
  • There was an Ask Me Anything on Reddit yesterday by a man that spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and finally was released after his innocence was proven.  When his grandmother died, they allowed him to attend the funeral but in shackles and chains.
  • Here’s a fun little website to play around with on a Friday.  You put in your date of birth and it spits out your exact age (for me it said:  You are 38 years, 9 months and 7 days old today. You are 14,150) days old, the total number of candles on all birthday cakes so far (741), and the approximate heart beats and breaths taken.  From the day of your birth, it will take the number of totals days you’ve been alive and tells you significant events that has happened before and after in that date range.  And there’s a bunch of other fun stuff to look at as well.
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