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  • DaughterGeeding turned four years old on Saturday.  She had a Cinderella/Disney themed party and what you see above is a somewhat regal family.  BoyGeeding was a the rebel prince wearing what he damn well pleased.  A slideshow of her birthday is at the bottom of this post.
  • Our gift to DaughterGeeding was a bicycle with training wheels.  When she first got on the bike I thought she was scared of falling because she was apprehensive to move, but she just told me she was looking out for rolly pollies because she didn’t want to run over them.
  • Now that she’s four, she no longer stays in the church nursery and was totally pumped to go to “big church”.
  • The cast of ‘The Wonder Years’ recently reunited and posed for a few photos.
  • I grew up in a house with an oven that was set up high, like on top of the countertop, but the house I live in now has the over near the ground.  Even though I’ve lived with this lower level oven for about eight years, I can never remember that when I first open it, I need to wait for all the hot air to escape so it doesn’t all hit my face.  With an above counter top oven, you never had to worry about that.
  • The Roger Sterling sale of the Clippers for $2 billion made me think of when Howard Hughes was forced by a U.S. federal court to sell his shares of TWA, which netted him $547 million back in 1966.  I was curious what that would be worth in today’s dollars and who made more money from a forced sale, Sterling or Hughes.  To find the answer I punched in the TWA sale in the inflation calculator and Hughes is the victor, in today’s dollar he would have made $4.002 billion.
  • CNN/Howard Hughes Rant:  This CNN article made the following absurd statement about Elon Musk, “The storied entrepreneur — who also founded the Tesla car company and is thought by some to be the inspiration for Tony Stark, or ‘Iron Man’“.  Iron Man’s first appearance was back in 1963, Musk wasn’t born until 1971.  Not to mention, Stan Lee, the creator of Iron Man, has often stated that Tony Stark is based on Howard Hughes.  CNN, get your shit together.
  • Google has released something called the Google Video Quality Report that will tell you which Internet service provider in your area can sustain an HD YouTube video feed and which ones may only let you watch standard definition 360p video without buffering.  Only two companies for residential customers reach Google’s standards in my area, Verizon and some company I never heard of, Grande Communications.  Of all the ways Google decided to explain this, they use a YouTube video that showcases a series of tubes.  My apologies to the late Senator Ted Stevens.
  • Per the bride, the infant was fine because he was ‘covered by Christ’ – Bride under fire for fastening newborn daughter into the TRAIN of her wedding dress as she walked down the aisle
  • Per this map, Texas A&M is the largest employer of Texas.

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  1. Richard says:

    Roger Sterling made all of his money in Advertising before he purchased the Clippers

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