Small Sack of Randomness


  • DaughterGeeding’s pre-school teacher broke both of her feet in a bizarre empty swimming pool accident.
  • I’m tempted to check out the Dallas Comic-Con this weekend, but tickets are a bit expensive.  If you are a fan of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, a lot of the cast will be there.  I think I would enjoy seeing all the costumes the most.
  • I have a small gripe about last night’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ – Sheldon is violating the roommate agreement if he leaves.
  • Roommates bought a couch at the Salvation Army and later found $41,000 in it, but they were nice enough to track down the owner and give the cash back.  The owner was nice enough to give the roomies a grand.
  • Dallas’ 25 Greatest Inventions
  • 31-year-old sophomore at E. Texas high school arrested
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