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  • Yesterday was DaughterGeeding’s last day in pre-school for the year (she’ll go to pre-school again next year).  I asked her if she was sad it was the last day of school, and that she won’t get to see some friends until next or and will never see some of her friends again.  She said, “No, not really, because I get to make new friends.”  Sometimes, I wish I had her perspective on things.
  • I’m not a cat person, but I do know what it’s like to have a lost pet.  After spotting a collared but tagless cat in the neighborhood I knocked on some doors to find the owner but no luck.  My next course of action was to keep the cat at GeedingManor and send an email out to our HOA communications folk, but when the cat tried to claw OtherDogGeeding I just sent out the email saying I spotted the cat in the neighborhood, but got no replies.  We didn’t see the cat the next day, but he came back yesterday.  WifeGeeding was able to get him in the car and took him to a vet to see if it was chipped.  When WifeGeeding got to the vet, the cat darted out the car door never to be seen again.
  • I was looking at my Wal-Mart receipt and saw the letters O, N, T, and X next to each item.  After a little research, this is what I found they represent: X – means taxable item, N – means non-taxable item, T – means taxable item on sale, O – means non-taxable sale item
  • I’m taking the majority of next week off from work and we are considering visiting the Perot Museum.  When you visit their website, at the bottom of each page the amount you move your cursor is tracked in inches, as well as the number of pixels scrolled, and the number of nanojoules burned.
  • If you watched Saturday morning cartoons in the Eighties like I did, you’d be familiar with Jem and the Holograms.  They are making it into a movie and Mollie Ringwald is in the cast.
  • When I hear Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” I always switch the words “tiny dancer” with “Tony Danza”.
  • Buzzfeed had a lousy post ranking the best fast food french fries and made a reference to Dairy Queen’s crinkle cut fries.  I’ve been to many a Dairy Queen in my life (I’m not saying that’s a good thing) and have never seen one that served the crinkle cut fry.
  • ‘Nightline’ last night was challenging their viewers, or at least came up with the notion, to give up sugar for ten days just to see if it was possible, considering how it is hidden in almost everything from bread to ketchup.  I might be willing to give that a try just for the heck of it, after DaughterGeeding’s birthday at the end of the month.
  • It wasn’t until I saw this Buzzfeed post that I realized how many television shows and movies have the same basic formula for their cast of characters.  Basically, you’ll always have a patriarch, a matriarch, a craftsman, and a clown.
  • Seth MacFarlane has a western comedy coming out next week.  Last night he tweeted a photo that makes me think there’s going to be a major Back to the Future Part III reference in the film.
  • GIF – Mamma bear saves cub from on coming traffic
  • GIF – I had no idea a turtle could stick his head out several feet
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  1. Chris says:

    On the Dairy Queen crinkle cut fries comment…

    I don't remember ever seeing crinkle cut fries at Dairy Queen either. However, I do know that Dairy Queen locations outside of Texas have a completely different menu than what we have in Texas. They don't have the Hungr-Buster, BeltBuster, etc. Instead they have these awful creations they call "GrillBurgers". While I love a good old Hungr-Buster, I wouldn't force my worst enemy to eat a GrillBurger. Something I found really goofy about this is a while back we stopped at a DQ in New Mexico, just across the state line from Texas. While they had the awful non-Texas GrillBurger menu, they had all the promo material, packaging, wrappers, etc that said "DQ – That's what I like about Texas". There was definitely nothing to like about that meal.

    All that being said, I don't remember if the fries there were crinkle cut, but it wouldn't surprise me. I love the fries we have at Texas DQ restaurants, so they may well have decided to mess that up at the non-Texas locations as well.

    Here are links to the two different menus.
    Unlucky People That Live Elsewhere:

  2. Seeker of Truth says:

    A few months ago I watched a lecture by Dr. Robert Lustig, on the dangers of added sugar. His lectures are also on You Tube. I believe most nutritionists support his position that added sugar is responsible for the diabetes and obesity epidemic. I accepted his premise and a month ago I decided to cut back to 9 teaspoons a day. It's really hard because sugar has been added to virtually every item of processed food purchased. Just looking at the stuff I eat it's generally between one to six teaspoons of added sugar each. Some soft and fruit drinks have 10 teaspoons of sugar. I have lost a few pounds in the last couple of weeks even though I'm someone who cannot afford to lose weight.

    I think the problem of added sugar is the focus of the new movie "Fed Up".

  3. RPM says:

    The only Dairy Queens I've eaten at in the last 20 years or so have been owned by 2 people (Richeson, Jones), so everything is identical in each chain. Neither has crinkle fries. Haven't stopped at an out of state DQ in forever. The last one I was in still had the Dennis The Menace advertising. It was so nasty behind the counter it creeped me right out. I'll stick to the hometown DQs.

    That Seth MacFarlane movie looks funny, but I have a feeling it's going to be a huge flop. Just watching the trailer the rapid fire jokes were starting to get old. It better have an amazing storyline like Ted did to keep it afloat or it's a goner.

  4. Uppercase Matt says:

    I think you screwed up with the cat — most cats (if they're not entirely indoor cats) will wander freely in a neighborhood but know to return home. When you took the cat to the vet and lost it there — you may have only succeeded in moving it from its known environment where it can easily get home to a new place where it's now actually a lost/missing cat.

    • Geeding says:

      There's no doubt we screwed up and didn't intend on the cat jumping out of the car and running away. We were hoping the cat was chipped and be able to return him to his rightful owner. If there was no chip, we would have either let it hang around the neighborhood or take it to a shelter.

  5. RPM says:

    Don't haul a cat without a cage. Last thing you want is a freaked out cat in the car at 65mph.

    (Don't ask why I know this.)

  6. mzchief says:

    I gave up sugar and artificial sweeteners as well as gluten/bread/pasta, 7 months ago. It really wasn't that difficult, for me, since I rarely eat packaged foods and don't have a sweet-tooth. I now make my own mayo using <a http=""&gt; Alton Brown's method/recipe omitting the sugar and using distilled vinegar not wine vinegar. I also make my own sugar/gluten-free mustard and ketchup using various recipes from the Interweb. Make your own salsa and hot sauces, as well. Honestly, I gave up sugar and gluten as a personal test to see if there was anything to the cult-following of the "Grain Brain and Wheat Belly" trend. Honestly, I didn't think it would matter. IT MATTERS! I just thought I felt well and wouldn't have believed there would be a difference giving up the eating the little sugar and gluten I was eating. The only thing I miss is fresh french bread. Gluten-free bread just doesn't do it for me. On a side note, I basically eat the Dr. Oz, sugar, gluten, alcohol, dairy free diet.

    I hope you give it a try. It gave me a new understanding that all calories are not created equal. It really does matter what we put into our bodies and eating isn't just about being thin. Food is about nutrition and being healthy. For me, that involves no sugar and no gluten.

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