Bag of Randomness


  • I felt like I dodged a bullet yesterday, two coworkers on my team were laid off.  As thankful as I am to have not gotten the axe, I really feel for my friends.
  • I was informed that my new favorite burger place, Haystack Burgers and Barley, is owned by fellow Hardin-Simmons graduates, and it appears I have have actually attended school with them.  So that means I went to school with a TICKET personality (Big Strong Jeremy Moran) and these restaurateurs but never interacted with them on what was a very small “everybody knows your name” kind of campus.
  • If I were laid off yesterday,  would have highly considered contacting them and seeing if I could pool enough money together to franchize a second location in Las Colinas.
  • A friend had me try a sample of Fireball Whisky.  He told me it tasted just like the candy Hot Tamales and I didn’t really believe, but gosh darn it to heck, it sure does.
  • I heard the guys on BaD Radio saying they all watch movies and television with the captions on so not to miss any dialog.  I started to do that with kids when the news was on and just kept them on and found that I prefer to have the captions on and that I’ve often missed some important stuff I normally wouldn’t have noticed.
  • I find myself eating not so much because I’m hungry but for the instant gratification, and that explains why I’m overweight.
  • Buzzfeed – 29 Stuggles People Who Grew Up In The Texas Heat Can All Relate To – Cicadas? We call them locusts.
  • Zagat – 30 Things You Need to Eat and Drink This Summer in Dallas
  • GIF – A great way to package a burger, fries, and a drink
  • Palestine, TX Version of Mount Rushmore Coming Soon
  • Florida high school charging $200 for ‘premium’ graduation seats
  • Just a random test article on
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. tommy says:

    On your recommendation, I went to the Haystack burger and it was all you said. It's not far from where I live so it's on the rotation. Thanks

  2. Uppercase Matt says:

    Haystack is relatively close to my office — like tommy, I took a group there for lunch on Monday on your recommendation. Very good — will have to go back sometime when not working to try the drink you recommended.

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