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  • WifeGeeding’s stock rose yesterday when I turned on the NFL Draft and she said, “The draft is usually in April, why is it in May this year?”
  • The NFL took three stops closer towards idiocracy.  Before the start of the draft there was a pre-draft introduction of the top prospects with club music and a light show.  Each player got to choose their walkout music as they walked on stage to be greeted by the commish.  Vince Lombardi and Sammy Baugh must be tossing in their graves (no offense intended, Jim-Bob).  The guy that plays the father in ‘Modern Family’ phoned in the St Louis Rams’ pick.
  • I still stand by my statement that Johnny Manziel wants to be the WWE villain of football.  That seemed pretty evident when he walked out on stage and did that money gesture again.
  • I saw a lot of fans in attendance were wearing their team’s jersey with the number 14 (as in year 2014) and the player name Draft Day on the back.  I sure hope they didn’t spend money on that nonsense.
  • Some people wonder why it takes a while for the team with the first pick in the draft to use a lot of their allotted time when they had months to prepare.  Easy, they are giving other teams a chance to contact them to see if they have some kind offer for that first pick.
  • Something I did not know about the draft until the great Rich Eisen told the viewing audience – Once a team phones in their pick to the league, a transmission is immediately sent to the next team informing them who was selected and that they are now on the clock.  I guess I never really thought about it, but I kind of thought all teams had to find out like the rest of world, when it’s announced on television.
  • Eisen will often reference DFW as the Metroplex, which I like.
  • I’m not sure if the Cowboys moved their draft room or if the camera was just in a different place, but it’s not what we are use to seeing.  Actually, now that I think about it, I bet they just moved the camera because one year people were able to see some of their picks on their draft board.  My, how HDTV has changed our lives.
  • Of course Jerry’s grandson, Spalding, was in the draft room.  But here’s a serious question, how many phone numbers of players are in his phone?  Do you think Romo has Spalding in his contacts?
  • As much as we’ve seen Jason Garrett and Tony Romo hanging out together and visiting coaches and programs of different sports to learn what they can about leadership and teamwork, it’s no surprise to me that the Cowboys didn’t draft Manziel.  There would be so much pressure to get Manziel starting it would screw with the chemistry of the team.
  • With all due respect to the Manning family, can we call the Matthews family the first family of football?  They have seven members that played in the NFL and four were first round draft choices.
  • If I was a Houston Texans fan, I’d be worried about Jadeveon Clowney’s work ethic.
  • They could also possibly be searching for a ‘cereal defecator’ – Houston Authorities Searching For ‘Serial Defecator’ – By any chance, is former NFL player Najeh Davenport now living in Houston?  If so, he should be a prime suspect.
  • CBS News had an attractive white female South African reporter in Laura Logan, and now I’ve noticed they have added Debora Patta to the mix this week.  Her Wikipedia entry states she was once married to a Zulu prince, but I can’t get over just how thick and long her neck is.
  • I’ve been getting a real kick out of Charles Barkley’s rants about heavy set women in San Antonio, but I thought the San Antonio mayer had a good comeback YouTube video stouting all the championships the Spurs have one compared to Barkley’s none.
  • Buzzfeed – What I Wish I Could Tell My Dead Mother
  • Slate – Seven Essential #Benghazi Products That Will Restore Your Faith in America
  • Houston Chronicle – These are Texas’ biggest layoffs this year (so far)
  • His wife was one of them, and from my understanding, he didn’t have a decision in the matter – Gov. Perry inducts 9 into Texas Women’s Hall of Fame
  • Dr Dre is a very rich man and will be even richer if the rumors of Beats will be sold to Apple for $3.2 billion.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Steve says:

    It's pretty rich how you invoke Idiocratization at the NFL then proceed to serve us up a plate full of football foolishness. I thought you were deeper than that

  2. Bob says:

    I don't like Manziel as a person overall, but I can't blame any draft prospect for being excited about finally getting a payday after being used for free by the NCAA for so long.

  3. Owner and GM says:

    I was marveling at how long Patta's neck appeared while she was doing a report on the Evening News last night.

    I first noticed her when she was reporting shortly after the Pistorius murder arrest story first broke. I was wondering then how long it would be before a network in the U.S. started using her as a regular overseas correspondent.

  4. RPM says:

    The "Serial Deficator" went by a different name in Flight of the Intruder (and he was an A-6 Driver!).

    They have June Lockhart in that Brady mosaic twice unless the top left is Rosemary DeCamp. But it sure looks like June Lockhart.


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