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  • I went to Subway yesterday during the lunchtime rush in which the line was consistently ten deep.  The woman in front of me was ordering for a group.  At one point the sandwich artist asked her what cheese she wanted and she responded with, “Hold on, let me text her and find out.”
  • Several countries are using their resources to help search for that missing  Malaysia Airlines plane, but I wonder who pays for those resources?  Are taxpayers footed with the bill or will a bill be sent to Malaysia Airlines?  I’m not griping, just curious.
  • When I was the The Ticket studios I wasn’t surprised at the number of emails the hosts get from listeners, but I was surprised at the number of emails in which all hosts, producers, and others were all included in an email.
  • I heard one reason Toyota chose Plano as their North American headquarters over Dallas is because of the Dallas school system.  It’s no surprise that the school district doesn’t have a great reputation, but since most workers commute to downtown from the burbs, I’m surprised that DISD was a factor.  With a GM plant in Arlington and Toyota in Plano, DFW is motor friendly.  Can we get a Tesla plant please?
  • After months of wanting to take the kids to the beach, WifeGeeding finally decided we may be rushing things and next year would be a better experience for them.
  • I keep my Kit Kats and M&M’s in the freezer, they taste better that way.
  • Perhaps the state of Oklahoma could contract with Dr Conrad Murray for their execution needs.
  • When the Don Sterling news broke, I wonder if Jerry Jones broke into a cold sweat wondering if anyone recorded any of his drunken ramblings.
  • For the last two nights, David Letterman has had former NBA Commissioner David Stern on the show.  All he does is walk out to the center of the stage, Dave will ask him something relating to the NBA, and then Stern grinningly replies with one sentence that doesn’t relate to anything remotely close to the question, and walks out backwards.  It’s so strange and surreal, and the form of humor is so different, it’s genius.
  • I’m caught up with everything at work, maybe even a little ahead of schedule with things, but I just have this weird feeling that I can never catch up.  Actually, I feel like that with most things most of the time.
  • I’ve only been to the Bishop Arts District twice, but each time I’ve parked by The Book Doctor.  It advertises that it fixes books and Bibles (as if the Bible isn’t a book, but I get why they make the stipulation) and for some reason it just interests me.  Turns out the NY Times did a story on them a year ago, and here’s a local feature  as well.
  • Some really great pics from the set of ‘Mad Men’.
  • Someone has already bought a Manziel Cowboys jersey.
  • Grace
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  1. towski says:

    The DISD thing with toyota is a ruse by the Mayor, who is trying to bully pulpit for the home rule thing. Toyota is moving from a suburb to a suburb, from a sprawling campus to a sprawling campus. Where were they going to find a big sprawling campus in Dallas? And let's be honest – the top executives kids were going to go to private school anyway.

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