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  • I took the family to the Bishop Arts District on Saturday morning where we visited Emporium Pies.  Not only did I get a kick out of their street number used for a pie shop, but their no soliciting message was pretty funny.  Lockhart Smokehouse wasn’t as good the second time around.
  • I just discovered that DART provides free service connecting Oak Cliff and downtown Dallas through something called the D-Link, which can make for a great weekend or afternoon.
  • Silly me, but until last weekend I had no idea that radio station KLIF was named after Oak Cliff, per Wikipedia.
  • I’ll admit it, everytime I heard Don Sterling’s name on the news yesterday my first thought was “Why is the NBA upset over a ‘Mad Men’ episode?”
  • Bought my first LED light bulb over the weekend since prices have come down.  The bulb cost less then seven bucks and performs better than I expected, much better than the CFL’s.  Suggestion: Don’t compare wattage when bulb shopping, compare lumens.
  • During yesterday’s sermon, my pastor played a Chevy commercial about a rancher looking for one lost calf, which of course was inspired by the parable of the lost sheep. I thought it was a pretty clever marketing strategy but got a kick that the ranching community was upset over the consistency of the livestock breed that was used.  Clicking on this link will autoplay the commercial and inform you of the inconsistency.
  • Hollywood seems to love remakes and comics, so I’m surprised there hasn’t been a new big screen version of television series of Buck Rogers.  I’d like to be in charge of casting Colonel Wilma Deering, my first choice would probably be Kate Beckinsale or Sandra Bullock.  She’s a colonel, so you need an older actress.  I actually watched the first three episodes of the old series over the weekend.
  • I learned the hard way that one shouldn’t leave a Chromebook or other similar device on the floor.  A toddler can step on it and ruin the screen.
  • Those Mavs have a little momentum.
  • ’60 Minutes’ had an interesting segment over operational underground missile silos operated by the Air Force.  I took two things away from it.  One, their technology is so antiquated they still use big, old kind floppy disks.  Since it’s so antiquated, there’s really isn’t a virus concern, and that kind of reminded me of the rebooted ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series.  Second, with the capability of shoot nukes from subs and stealthy fast aircraft, I don’t think there’s a need for the underground silos anymore and that’s one way to slice the military budget.
  • WifeGeeding caught DaughterGeeding standing in front of the toilet trying to “pee like Dadday.”  After a minute or two she decided to give up and proclaimed, “I guess I just can’t do it.”
  • I use to waste a lot of toothpaste as a kid trying to get the paste on my brush to look just the ones on the cover and commercials.
  • I caught the premier episode of ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’.  Overall it was pretty good.  He seemed a bit tight at first as you we leaning forward on his desk on his forearms, which I found distracting, but after a while he seemed to find his footing.  Without any commercial breaks or long video segments, it looks like it would be hard to be in character and that attentive compared to his old job.
  • I made a poor decision last night and made a very late trip to Whataburger.  I passed by our grocery store which has free Wi-Fi, but it was closed.  However, I saw a Mercedes parked outside and a man utilizing the Wi-Fi on an outdoor picnic table close to midnight.
  • If someone would have told me that Sarah Palin said, “Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.” I would have said they were being hyperbolic and they must be referring to some kind of SNL skit, but I’d be wrong.
  • Sometimes WifeGeeding will say “itch it” instead of “scratch it”. She’s the only person I know that does that until watching ‘Naked and Afraid’ last night.  Speaking of that show, it was interesting listening how one contestant prefers wiping with stones as opposed to her teammate who prefers leaves.  The man in leaves ended up getting itchy later.
  • Jim Carrey and Spike Lee make an unexpected but pretty funny comedy duo.
  • I had no idea replacing rail road ties could be so automated.
  • Grace
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I liked Last Week Tonight, but it needs a lot of tweaking. You nailed it on the no commercial breaks causing problems. It made for extended monologues by Oliver that bordered on uncomfortable. He had no one to throw it to after a couple of minutes so it was just straight Jon Oliver. Hopefully they will add some staff so he doesn't have to carry all the water.

    I did the Don Sterling thing, too.

  2. Owner and GM says:

    I agree on the Last Week Tonight premier. Oliver is talented but he seemed almost frantic and rushed. And without commercials it's hard to move from segment to segment smoothly. Also he began to speak faster and faster toward the end, as though he was trying to get everything in before the 30 minutes were up. Probably it would be better if he had a cast so that they could do bits in between his monologues. Oh well. it's just the first show. And why do people agree to interviews with Comedy Central correspondents?

    I felt sorry for those young missile officers in the '60 Minutes piece. I can see why they could easily be demoralized, working on underground for 24 to 48 hours at a time doing a job where all they do is drill and take tests. On top of that, they are all young and they can't talk about their work.

    Maybe Chevy could do a commercial with that Bundy fellow out there in Nevada…lookin' for his little calf out there on federal grazing land?

  3. Jeff says:

    I have always said "itch my back" since like forever…

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