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  • We were unloading groceries from the back of the SUV when a jar of peanut butter dropped and rolled down the driveway.  As WifeGeeding went to retrieve one of DaughterGeeding’s favorite foods, a woman in a Lexus ran over the jar causing a decent sounding pop.  It was then that DaughterGeeding just naturally mimicked a scene straight out of Platoon.  After wiping away her tears and calming her down, she adamantly suggested we call the police to arrest the perpetrator.  Sometimes, sad kids can totally make you happy and make your day.
  • Have you ever wondered what it must be like having about six months to live because you are dying of cancer and breaking the news to your kids, the youngest being seven?  My friend recently wrote about that experience.
  • I finally gave up on trying to listen to The TICKET on my computer using their website stream, the massive volume fluctuations on certain commercials was killing me.  I’m now using and can’t figure out why I haven’t thought of that earlier, I guess because I thought IHeartRadio was only available as an app.
  • I’ve really enjoyed watching ‘Jeopardy!’ with Arthur Chu winning because he’s finally the one contestant who plays most logically, but I was surprised to see that a photo of Kliff Kingsbury was an actual answer.  Oh, and Trebek was down right cold to the last place finisher.  After his Final Jeopardy answer was revealed, he told him that he wasn’t even close.
  • Barry Switzer thinks Johnny Manziel is ‘an arrogant little pr—’
  • The Internet and our mobile devices sure have made syncing time a lot easier, everyone’s device is constantly synced to a network that keeps the official time.  I don’t remember how everyone set their watches and clocks back in the day, I guess they just based it off television and the radio and it was acceptable to be a few minutes off from everyone else.
  • While watching ‘Survivor’ last night I kept wondering how many people in Miami threw things at their television considering the Miami Marlins president is a contestant and the things he was saying and doing.
  • I was so pumped to watch the return of ‘The Americans’ last night, but WifeGeeding pushed for ‘Survivor’ which was two hours and then she said it was bedtime.  If I wasn’t such a loving and loyal husband, I would have watched it by myself.
  • My taxes are finally filed.  It would have been sooner, but Fidelity has been a tad slow providing tax forms.
  • Here’s your daily dose of cute.  A mother and her four-year-old recreate celebrity dresses, costumes, and the like by making their wearable versions with paper.
  • Did ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ originate from the Virgin Mary giving birth to the Lamb of God?
  • This map is a little dated but I thought it was a cool way to show U.S. population distribution.  Basically, populated areas are displayed as mountains and the higher the the population, the taller the mountain.
  • Bacon caps are just the beginning — the Triple-A IronPigs also have bacon pants and scratch-and-sniff bacon T-shirts
  • For the last 25 years, this man has survived only on pizza.
  • Boeing is creating a smartphone, but it’s aimed at government agencies.
  • Seth Rogan gave a speech before a senate Alzheimer’s research.  He was respectful, but of course he brought a small bit of comedy, admitting he wanted to do such a thing because he’s such a big ‘House of Cards’ fan.
  • For some reason I thought the Beatles where around for a very long time and broke up when all of them were middle-aged, but after a bit of research I found only one of them was even 30 when the band called it quits – George Harrison was 27, Paul McCartney 28, Ringo Starr 30, John Lennon 29.
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  1. RPM says:

    If you haven't watched The Americans yet, the premiere was… shocking.

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