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  • Twenty-five years ago when Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys, or everything leading up to it, I remember the local media admitting they couldn’t find a photo of the guy because he simply hasn’t done anything to warrant any kind of coverage before the upcoming purchase.  That’s unimaginable today considering digital technology and the Internet and mobile devices.
  • I miss seeing that huge Cowboys banner at press conferences.  It’s still there, but you never see it, instead you just see some cardboard display with tiny advertiser logos all over it.
  • We took advantage of the $5 cold weather admission prices at the Dallas Zoo yesterday.  It really is a great place, they charge very modest prices for things link two bucks for a pony ride or a dollar for some seeds or nectar to feed birds.  Pics of our excursion are below.
  • The new season of ‘Dallas’ started last night.  I’m only watching it for local ties and nostalgia because it’s not really my cup of tea.  The first few moments of the episode leaned heavily on honoring the late J.R.
  • I’m not a fan of Seth Myer’s ‘Late Night’ set.  His monologue sounded just he was on Weekend Update reading cue cards, he’s gotta work on his cadence and speaking to the audience, not at them.
  • A feel good story out of the Brewer’s spring training.  A stray dog wondered on the field and when the team couldn’t find the owner, they adopted it and named it after one of their greatest players.
  • The greatest adaptation from television to film has to be ‘The Fugitive’.
  • When I have a work crew at my house, I’m the type to make sure they have plenty of water to drink and will occasionally bring out Gatorade.   And even though I may be forking over a lot of cash for the work I hire them to do, if the job is performed exceptionally well and I build up a good repore with the owner or lead, I’ll even give them a gift card as a thank you or a tip.
  • By simply adding two vertical white strips in a moving 2D image, your brain will be fooled and consider it a 3D scene.
  • Erin Andrews is becoming the female version of Ryan Seacrest, she’s everywhere.
  • The Samsung Gear Fit is interesting, but there’s no price as of yet and it’s a bit bulky.
  • Disney’s Magic Kingdom raises prices
  • I would either just nod my head or just say, “Thanks.” – 10 Oscar Winners Whose Speeches Were Under 11 Words
  • India: School textbooks say ‘Japan nuked US
  • China’s Naval Chief Says Smog is Best Defence Against US Laser Weapons
  • Video – Iowa man travels the town square to get signatures for sympathy cards to remember people who have passed, some he has never even met.

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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Jack says:

    You always have atrocious mistakes in your grammar and typing. Did you really graduate college? "Repore"? Is this the type of work you do for your employer?

    • Geeding says:

      Hey Jack –

      You're right that grammar and spelling/typing isn't one of my strong points, it's something I've always lacked confidence in. It's one reason when my kids start school I want to make sure those subjects are a strong foundation in their education experience so they can have the confidence their father never had.

      As for the type of work I do for my employer, I chose a career in which I wouldn't have to rely on a this weakness a majority of the time. But when I do have to communicate or turn in anything in the written word, well, I write much different than I do at work or school than I would on a blog or a casual email to a friend, as I'm sure most of us do.

      I was pretty tired last night putting together Bag of Randomness and when I wrote "repore" I actually thought the correct spelling was "report" thinking it was one of those words that has more than one pronunciations. But I typed "repore" thinking spell check out would identify the misspelling and provide me the correct suggestion, but when I didn't see the underlined red squiggly line I just moved passed it. Oddly enough that line appears for "repore" as of now, so I may need to trouble check my Chrome spell check plugin.

      Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and leaving a comment.

  2. wordkyle says:

    While I don't necessarily disagree with your choice of The Fugitive as the best TV to film adaptation, the Blues Brothers and the original Star Trek movie (and the recent JJ Abrams version) are also strong contenders.

  3. DF of LL says:

    For movies, I would take the Star Trek series and the Mission Impossible series as the best movies based on a TV show.

    It's logical if you consider box office returns.

    Double Fake Mr. Spock

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